State true or false and justify your answer: Economics is the study of how fairly goods. What are the key principles and tenets that any educated person should know.

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Shah said that Trump was not aware until Tuesday of the accusations against Porter, who was a frequent presence in the Oval Office and helped craft last week’s State of the Union address. By the time the president was fully briefed of the claims against Porter on Wednesday, the once-rising White House star had already resigned, according to the official.


Though Trump frequently vents about senior aides, he is often loath to fire staffers. A dismissal of Kelly would surely revive the narrative of a White House in crisis as it faces the ongoing Russia probe and the midterm elections.

It is only in a secular republic that the right to freedom of religion is guaranteed. In the Saudi basic law (since Shari’ah and the Hadith are their constitution) there is no such freedom of religion because Islam has been declared the State religion for all!


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Madi Jobarteh: Misconceptions and Misinformation About Secularity Part 2 

Secondly while religion is about the spiritual and secularity is about the earthly affairs of people, however the values that exist in secular laws and institutions can be found to be the same in religion. For example, the constitution and other laws condemn rape, stealing, lying under oath or misuse of public wealth just as it is in religion. However, acts of immorality and criminality do occur in every society, whether the law punishes it or not. Every week they cut off someone’s hand in Saudi Arabia for stealing yet stealing continues.

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The State is merely a set of institutions in which men and women work. Those men and women do have faith but when they go to work in a State institution they do not operate based on their beliefs or faiths. They operate based on a set of laws, policies, guidelines, regulations and tools and processes which are not based on any religion. But these laws, policies and tools do not violate one’s faith, rather they protect it. Therefore, if you wish to pray in the workplace you should have the right to have space to pray. This is why workplaces have mosques and chapels or prayer rooms to satisfy the right to worship by workers.

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Religion is a huge resource only if believers act on the precepts. It is meaningless to claim to be a Muslim or Christian and to pray fervently yet one is corrupt, unjust, unfair and you discriminate and commit all of the evils that one’s religion prohibits. Therefore, for me the biggest threaten to Islam and Christianity in the Gambia is not ‘secularity of the state’. Rather the biggest threat is the very believers themselves who violate the values and standards of their faiths. Given the level of injustice and corruption in our homes, communities and in the public and private sectors I have no doubts that majority of our men and women are not abiding by their religious precepts. Otherwise if we truly uphold the values and standards of Islam and Christianity in our words and deeds it is clear that we would have had a very wealthy, peaceful and just society. It was not long ago when we had a leader who committed al forms of crimes and evil yet he was strongly supported and embraced by Islamic religious leaders!


The Church Lady Blogs John Kelly Under Pressure After Trump Aide Resignation Comments Feed

The French law permits ordinary signs of faith to be displayed. In public hospitals, schools and other public places the law requires state employees to respect the principle of secularism by respecting people’s religious preferences. In fact, recently the French Government has resisted calls from far-right groups to ban Muslim women volunteers who help schools during excursions from wearing a headscarf. In fact, as recent as October 2021 the French President Macron was heard speaking strongly in support of the Muslim population against the racist narratives from the far-right racist groups. Therefore, to exploit the French veil ban in the discussion about secularity in the Gambia is a misconception and a misinformation.

Trump has long resisted Kelly’s attempt to control him. In recent weeks, the president has complained about the chief of staff to his circle of informal advisers, according to two people who speak to the president regularly but are not authorized to publicly discuss private conversations. One of the people said Trump was angry that Kelly did not bring the Porter allegations to him sooner.


In the first place there is reference made to France which banned the veil in 2004 that some people claim that in future it is possible that someone may also call for the banning of the hijab in the Gambia. Those who perpetuate this misinformation, deliberately or not, refuse to state the full facts about this French ban. In 2004 when the French Parliament voted to ban the veil, the ban was only limited to public schools.

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In our society today the incidence of abuse of the rule of law, embezzlement of public funds, failure to work diligently and efficiently and sexual harassment of girls and women are rampant. The mere incidence of poverty in itself is a manifestation of injustice and discrimination in our society. Who perpetuates these crimes and evils other than our citizens who claim to be Muslims and Christians? Therefore, whether we are secular or not secular if we cannot ensure justice, fairness, non-discrimination and uphold the rule of law and the rights of all then what is the value of religion in our lives even if we are secular or a theocracy?

The president, for his part, has not signaled to allies that he is on the verge of making a change. But his frustration with Kelly has grown in recent weeks.


Yes, majority of Gambians are Muslims, but this does not give Muslims anymore rights over the other less populous religions even on the principle of democracy. I have heard many people argue that democracy is ‘majority rule’ and therefore this should reflect the fact that Muslims are the majority in this country. Indeed, decisions in democracy rests on majority but it is not to the detriment of the minority. The fundamental values of democracy are equality, inclusion, participation and representation. Hence it is not merely about the majority riding roughshod over the minority.

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Hence the counter argument against secularity that it will promote homosexuality and same sex marriage are unconnected. There are multiple democratic and secular states that continue to ban homosexuality. Homosexuality is a matter of human rights and how much citizens are aware and appreciate rights in general within the wider context of political awareness. So long as that awareness is not there it means the acceptance of sexual orientation will be lacking hence homosexuality cannot be legalized.