It does not matter if you like Old School Runescape (OSRS) more or prefer the new version of Runescape (RS3). The games listed here are some of the best MMO games like Runescape in my opinion.

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You use both to make trousers and tops at the Fancy-dress shop owner in eastern Varrock, but only perfect fur can be made into headdresses. It takes a total of four furs for a Polar kebbit, Common kebbit, Feldip weasel, or Desert devil set, and a total of three Larupia, Graahk, or Kyatt furs, one of which has to be "good" and not "tatty", to make and you can also sell both types of fur to the fur traders of Rellekka and Ardougne, although the tatty fur will get a lower price. These clothes will increase your chances of catching creatures using Hunter in their respective areas.


In the world of ArcheAge, you can be a dungeon crawler who collects and sells items & stuff for profit or you can be a hunter or explorer who seeks adventures. Guilds or clans whatever you want to call them can also be formed if you don’t want to go alone to conquer dungeons or enemies.

If you want to try something that feels like Runescape but also very different, try this one out

You start on the island of Gemea where ‘murk’ is trying to take over the island. While helping the locals with different things like farming, carpentering etc, you have to stop ‘murk’ in its tracks.


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Neverwinter is a free-to-play MMORPG with one of the most active player bases in the genre today. Since it first launched back in 2021, Neverwinter has persisted at the forefront of the genre for its excellent combat, in-depth character customization and leveling system, player-created quests, and of course, immersive lore based in the fabled Dungeons & Dragons universe.

This game has ‘guild vs guild’ battles to decide who will take home all the dirty money. They have many different zones in which you can battle your opponents. The red zone of the game has a Full loot system, which means if you die there you will lose everything that you own.


Another awesome game in the MMO Role-playing genre. Rift a free to play title by Trion Worlds came out back in 2021 and has seen many waves of rising and downfall since then, Mostly because of the developers ‘hard to grind easy to buy’ or pay2win type of criteria.

Do you want to get up close and personal with a sharp blade in your hand? Or will you take a tactical approach and attack from range? Or perhaps your skills are more mystical, and you prefer the arena of magic? Fight a dazzling assortment of foes including an unimaginable array of epic bosses. From demons to dragons and rock monsters to serpents, nightmares beyond your wildest imagination lay in wait.


RuneScape – 29 June 2021 Patch Notes

You can also choose to play as a play as a barn animal, write a book and donate it to a library, or jump into a lake when you catch yourself on fire. There's a near-limitless number of things to see, do, become, and practice, making Project: Gorgon the only clear option for Runescape fans looking for even more to do.

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Jagex has released a new patch for Runescape today with one of its changes now stopping players from wandering about inside portals. There are also some bug fixes including making sure enemies in GWD2 are no longer invulnerable so can be killed. If you had a locker in Rimmington but had not partially completed the Rocking Out quest then bad news as those lockers cannot be used until you have a go. All of the patch notes can be found below.

Cracked divination urn detail.png

Although it's been in development for years, the game just released in Steam Early Access in August 2021. There's plenty of content to enjoy in Legends of Aria's tremendous world, but the growing community is still on the smaller side for an MMORPG. Even so, there's a risk in leaving safe zones and trusting strangers that evokes a nostalgia specific to the early days of the genre. Plus, there are player-created servers to offer something for everyone.


Cracked farming urn detail.png

The gameplay is very laid back with no fighting/combat action and quest are fun n easy to complete. The game only offers a single player mode but is quite enjoyable even without multiplayer. If you want to try something that feels like Runescape but also very different, try this one out.

Will you explore the world with friends, or seek your fame and fortune as a lone adventurer? Whether you’re engaged in daring quests, quietly tending to your farm, risking it all against a high-level boss or spending a night at the circus, RuneScape is the perfect second-screen game. Play how you want – the choice is yours.


This update was released to the public on the 20th of November 2021. It completely changed the combat mechanics and added a whole lot of brand-new features such as abilities, which were not in the game before. Runescape 3 had a sharp downwards slope of the player base as time went on after the Evolution of Combat update as most players decided that it simply was not the game they used to love and enjoy anymore.

Beginners often have a hard time figuring which skill to level up first or which OSRS items to acquire. Some might even focus all their attention on the wrong quest. The good news is we’re here to help you in choosing which skill and quest to prioritize.


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Another reason many people choose Old school Runescape over RS3 is because of the large community there is. The player base is incredibly larger than RS3’s player base so there is more space to socialize with other players in the game. Content creators on YouTube also mostly play Old School Runescape, so you will naturally be given more guides, tutorials, and fun videos to watch, which may drive you towards playing Old School Runescape more compared to Runescape 3.


With 28 skills to master, what will you become? Will you be one with nature by perfecting Woodcutting, Fishing, Herblore and Cooking? Or would you prefer to be more creative with Crafting, Farming, Smithing and Construction? Or perhaps your tastes lay elsewhere – with Hunting, Divination, Invention or Runecrafting? Or maybe your soul yearns action, and you’ll take to Magic, Summoning, Slayer and Dungeoneering!

These can be used to step through the private hunting ground portals right next to the orange portal on the first floor of the house south of the Gnome agility course, at the Tree Gnome Stronghold. At these hunting grounds you will be able to hunt specific creatures without having to fight with other players for a spot. Entering a portal does not use a ticket but you must have one in your inventory.


Much cheaper than spending hours earning that amount by doing repetitive tasks in RuneScape

The "(nr)" version of the urns can be bought from the Grand Exchange. A Mud rune must be added to them to become active and ready for use (the non-tradable "(r)" version of the urn).

Re: Increasing number of irl threats/dox threats

Runescape is one of the greatest MMORPG of all time. The game is free-to-play and can run on almost any machine. Even after its release in Jan 2001, Runescape has not lost its charm & is still being played by thousands of players on daily basis.


After a look back at successes like the game’s Steam launch and a number of charity drives, Mod Warden looks ahead to 2021, noting Jagex’s plans to “substantially” grow the dev team in order to keep up its host of updates and extend the Elder God Wars content into a variety of ways to make it a dominant story through the year. The devs are also working on modernizing character avatars, launching RuneScape Mobile, and preparing for the game’s massive 20th anniversary celebration starting with a month-long event on January 4th.

RuneScape looks back at 2021 and ahead to 2021 as the game is in ‘a significant state of growth’

In the end, no game is “better” than the other, but OSRS is definitely more played in the community and is down to your personal preference. We have curated a list of the best devices to run such progams/games. Read more at Tech Consumer Guide.


You have a total of 8 professions (classes) to choose from. To go along with the professions you also have options to choose various skills, items & weapons as per your playstyle. The story system for this game is a little different. It progresses along with you as you start making decisions for yourself. The storyline will build upon your actions and the decisions you take.

The battles are short and fast-paced. But the game mechanics have various different moves and actions, if you are a beginner to Guild wars series or this genre of games is new to you, it will take a lot of time to master all of the movements and gameplay.


The games listed here are some of the best MMO games like Runescape in my opinion

No equipment is needed but 500 gp is required as payment to Matthias for the use of his falcon. No gloves can be worn or weapons wielded while using the falcon. On payment Matthias gives you the falcon and you automatically wear the falconer's glove and the falcon perches on your arm. To catch the kebbits click on them, the falcon flies from your arm and hopefully catches the kebbit. Run to the spot where the falcon is holding his catch and clicking again allows you to retrieve the falcon and get the fur and bones.

Once the cracked farming urn is full, it becomes a cracked farming urn (full) and can be teleported to Ernie for 220 Farming experience or 275 experience with an urn enhancer. You may only own 10 full urns in your inventory/bank at once, if you have 10 full urns a new one will not be started.


I can play Runescape in my browser, why would i download the Client

The Buff and Debuff Bars have been relocated from the top of the interface layout to the bottom, above the Combat HUD. They have also been made marginally smaller.

For example, double exp periods are something that you will only find in Runescape 3 and not in Old School Runescape (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6868). Many players find that double exp periods can actually ruin the game slightly as it kills the idea of working hard for gaining levels. You will never see these events occurring in Old School Runescape as Jagex developers have personally stated.

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Download and Install RuneScape

Before we begin, you must know that RuneScape does not force you to focus on a single path or journey. You make the choices and you decide which path you want to take. The best thing about playing RuneScape is there are no limitations on what you can do and be.


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The sun might be setting on this newspost, but the shadows seem to be gathering around the next one. Who knows, maybe we’ll see our favourite mysterious figures returning soon!

I'm getting the same thing on my laptop, works fine on my desktop however. When I installed RS outside of Steam, it crashed as well, but also brought up an error about my video driver being old. Suggested switching from Normal Mode graphics to Compatbitiliy Mode. Switching Modes did nothing, so I've updated my video driver, but it's still failing out at the same spot, both inside and outside of Steam.


Edit: Browsed local files, went into bin folder, win64, changed the settings of the runescape (click for more info) app so that it is not being run as administrator. The game succesfully launched, within steam.

I can only do so much to ban these people, the rest is up to you guys to set the bar higher and not recruit anyone with a history of aggressive and threatening behavior. If no one will let them participate, they go away and our community will benefit from it.

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You can either grind hard like you used to in Runescape or you can pay for the resources

Lay your Bird snare and wait for a bird to either get caught in it or trigger it and escape. If you catch one, check the trap to remove the reward. If the bird escapes, dismantle the trap and set it up again. You can also use a torch to smoke the trap, removing your scent and increasing your chance of success. Torches can be purchased at the Hunter stores.


Runescape patch stops players from walking inside portals, full notes here

Magic and farming are some of the skills you should master first since both of them can be profitable and will allow you to participate in more quests if you reach certain levels. Now, as you level up, the item and gold requirement may be too overwhelming, the good news is you can acquire gold and items online. If you are short on gold to level up a certain skill, you can always buy osrs gold online through a trusted RS gold site like Probemas.

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