While there is a large library of symbols that come with the program, few are radio-specific, and there are no computer or IT symbols. Stardraw.com has provided symbols from its pro audio version of the software, so you’ll get familiar product lines like Tascam, Electro-Voice and Crown; but our test version had no symbols for broadcast-specific gear.

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The benefits of this technology are clear. Customers can design, price and order custom panels in seconds, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week without having to wait for any third party input. From the users point of view, all the guesswork is taken out of the process, which improves efficiency enormously.


Speaking of busy panels, you might notice that our panels don't have any explicit MIDI connectors. One reason is because our space is so large that we actually exceed the parameters of the 15m maximum for MIDI cable length.

At the end of 2021, Stardraw.com implemented a number of measures aimed at streamlining the Product Request Service in an effort to democratize the process and reduce unnecessary backlog. These measures have proved extremely effective with the result that in August 2021, for the very first time, the queue of approved Product Requests was reduced to zero.


NHT Pro Launches New Website

The final exhibtion of 2021 was InfoComm in Orlando where we proudly presented our whole portfolio. The show and the people were great and we came back very satisfied.

Tronix - Audio Rhythm II

Even though time tracking software isn't directly related to AV design, it can be incredibly helpful with streamlining your project management process. I use an app called Harvest to track all of my hours. I'm able to break each project out into all the major project phases (schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding, construction), then within each phase I can associate my time spent working on a specific task. At the end of each project I'm able to pull a report showing how much time I devoted to each phase and task, to help me better manage my time on future projects. Higher ed tech support managers can pull time tracking data to pinpoint which project tasks take the most time from their employees, and even determine where they need to focus their staff's professional development efforts. Those that work in the corporate world are very familiar with time tracking to aid in billing, but I don't see it being used very often in higher ed tech support departments. It's a great way to streamline your AV design and project management efforts on future projects.


Celestion Launches Powerful New Website

This is an incredibly useful piece ofsoftware to keep on your notebook PC for setting up and checking audiosystems. You can download a FREE, fully working 14 day trial ofthe software and if you decide you want to keep using your RTA,registration is just £6/25 (less than US$10). Click here if youwant to register now.

Besides exhibitions, we had a detailed presentation about our devices in the European Parliament and European Commission, both located in Brussels. We are proud that our devices are used at such prestigious places. Our portable press boxes were also a part of Eurovision 2021 Song Contest that took place in Tel Aviv, Israel. AudioPressBox devices were also used during 26th OSCE Ministerial Council (Organization for security and Co-operation in Europe) that is held annually and provides the Foreign Ministers of the 57 OSCE participating States an opportunity to review and assess the Organization’s activities and strengthen the dialogue on security issues in the OSCE area.


Stardraw.com celebrates 20th anniversary with two new milestones

Snipp concludes, Stardraw (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7595) Lighting 2D will usher in a new standard for the design and documentation of lighting systems. Our existing users can expect preferential upgrade pricing while new users will see more features, more symbols and better value than has ever been offered by any earlier application.

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Stardraw.com Announces Launch Of New Stardraw Design

I spec the Broadcast Pix stuff all the time at work. We I just finished up a proposal for a TV studio that is going to put in a Slate 3000. That's a 1 M/E switcher with 16x16 HD-SDI Panacea Router from Harris. Although once you go that route you need a bunch of terminal gear for audio (important source) embedding. A great system for someone that doesn't need the Sony's, Ross, or GV productions switchers. We also do a lot with XSAN and Final Cut for TV stations.

In the meantime, the company provides an extensive library of generic shapes for amplifiers, limiters, speakers, mics and rack enclosures. You also may elect to create your own symbols.


At the start of new year 2021 we take a look back into our successful year 2021. Doing so we can proudly say that we exhibited at 3 prestigious events: Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam, Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt and InfoComm in Orlando. We visited various partners around the world and supported various important organizations from all around the world and introduced brand new Dante-enabled press boxes.

In order to communicate with third party hardware, device drivers are required and new drivers are needed for new or previously unsupported products. Stardraw Control includes a number of tools including a Driver Wizard to help people to write their own drivers, but in situations where users dont have the time, skills or inclination to create their own, Stardraw.com offers the Driver Request Forum.


Second of all, I must confess that I am not a real spreadsheet jockey. Some people know how to format rows and columns so that they are different sizes with respect to each other, but not me. Because API formats their patchbays to be 32-across, and because we also have some additional patchbays that will be 48-across, I chose to format the spreadsheets according to the common denominator of 16 elements per patchbay. Therefore there are two API signals per cell in the console part of the patchbay and there are three user signals per cell in the part of the patchbay representing the credenzas. This has confused everybody the first time they look at the file, but as soon as I explain it (as I just have), it all becomes clear.

NCP Seremo Client Desciption

Especially, we are satisfied with introducing new Dante-enabled press boxes. The use of Dante-enabled devices is on the rise and our Dante-enabled press boxes are a great fit for both system integrators and rental companies.


The first exhibition was ISE 2021 in Amsterdam. We had the chance to display our newest Dante-enabled AudioPressBox device APB-112 OW-D at the largest AV exhibition in the world.

The site creates a completely new user experience for the Audio (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=3741)-Technica brand and was developed with a mobile-first philosophy. As with any contemporary web platform, the site features a responsive design architecture that translates to whatever device the visitor is using, thereby optimizing their experience.


Adding the doors and windows will add something, and putting in the cloud and soffit treatments will take something away. However, as they say in Chariots of Fire, "you can't put in what God has left out". Starting with 1/5 seconds gives us a nice chance of getting a really full, really flat 1 second RT60, which is the initial design goal.

The bottom six rows are defined and normalled as follows. The first of the six are mults of the Direct Outs, and they are normalled to A/D inputs (the second row). The third and fourth rows (1-48) are the left credenza and not normalled, while the fifth and sixth rows (1-48) are the right credenza and also not normalled.


FWIW I love the idea of the removable credenzas. I also have elcos as the main hookups in my control rooms and use that to move the preamp rack around depending on who needs it. Flexibility was my design goal. Lotsa cat6 and bnc to use for whatever the needs of the moment are.

D-tools Cloud vs Jetbuilt

Is this primarily for video cameras? Do you have it separated from other ethernet/audio/power?


We're going with a pair of Antelope Trinity clocks and a 10M superclock. The Trinities are nice because they have so many clock outputs, and we need a lot of clock outputs for all our wall panels.

How does the studio engineer wanna setup his midi. If he tracks a guy who does piano on his roland RD masterkeyboard and the guy "sucks alil" having his midi data together with the audio might be a good thing.

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ProSoundWeb Stardraw.com Migrates All Services To The Cloud Comments Feed

Finally, rows 3-6 in positions 85-96 provides non-normalled "guest" IO so that a visting producer can connect up to 24 I/O channels to our credenzas, 12 for each, without requiring us to unplug the credenza. But if somebody wants to roll out our credenzas in favor of their own, then can do that by disconnecting the ELCOs at the wall panels and plugging in their own gear.


I have no idea why you would say that. PoE is DC, not AC, and thus has a frequency of zero, which would be lower, not higher, than the audible frequency spectrum.

Included with the Stardraw (check out here) CD is a 213-page manual that includes reference material and a six-part tutorial. A walk through this introduction brings the novice up to speed quickly. The informal writing style ensures that you don’t take things too seriously. The manual is spiral-bound, so it lies flat on the table, a nice touch.


System design software providers, Stardraw.com, have announced the launch of their brand new website that has been completely rebuilt on the Angular framework. The company has chosen to keep the overall look similar to the previous version, but the difference is instantly noticeable when it comes to navigating around the site. It is now lightning fast thanks to new code that has been written from the ground up based on the Angular framework.

Interesting that you chose to use PoE in a studio environment. I realize that theoretically any signal would be above the audible frequency spectrum, but the remaining potential for increased interference seems unnecessary.


Now upgraded to WZ3 status, the 20Sremains a favourite mixer for small broadcast studios, internet radiostations, project studios and stereo sub-mixing anywhere. Featuringthe new WZ3 preamp and responsive EQ, the WZ3 20S provides 12 channelswith no fewer than 4 mono and 18 stereo sources.

Are you thinking that the down side of moveable is the extra set of connections? I like the idea of being able to mod the setup to suit needs.


We have some sweet gear in our credenzas as well, but for all that sweetness, I am strangely attracted to the idea of a really naked control room, with just monitors and a console and a playback source. I'm not saying that this will be the only or even the preferred configuration, but as an option -nothing behind the engineer -it will provide new creative opportunities.

NCP Seremo Client for communication with any IPsec gateway (compatibility list at It supports all transmission networks like ISDN, PSTN, DSL, Internet, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LAN, WLAN, and it runs on all Windows operating systems. Firewall features: IP-NAT, defined filter rules. Authentication relative to the destination gateway can be executed via OTP tokens. All data are encrypted for transmission. Support for: Triple DES 128, 192-bit, Blowfish 128-bit, AES 128, 192, 256-bit. The Seremo Client can also be implemented in IT environments without permanent IP addresses. DynDNS (Dynamic DNS) is used to dial-in to the central VPN gateway with changing public IP addresses which are queried via a public DynDNS server (prerequisite: the destination gateway must support DynDNS).


Biamp announced another acquisition, this time of Neets A/S, based in Horsens, Denmark, a respected independent manufacturer of AV control systems. According to Biamp, Neets offers a mature, comprehensive family of device controllers, control interfaces, and control software that are distinctive for their ease of use and elegant design, and made sense to expand the AV solutions portfolio of the Beaverton, Oregon-based company.

Sennheiser Launches Redesigned Website

Having worked out a block diagram of equipment and connected inputs and outputs, you’ll probably want to assign wire numbers or other text to the links. At present, this is a slightly awkward task executed through the edit attributes button. You can have wire numbers automatically increment, but you must click on each link to make it happen. Assigned numbers and text aren’t visible on the screen, but do show up in the reports.


David Snipp, Stardraws Managing Director and head of development, described some key elements: This code has been under development and evolving for 8 years so its very robust, reliable and above all, fast. With Stardraw (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4646) Lighting 2D weve added a lot of advanced features and implemented a subscription-based philosophy, in line with Stardraw Audio and Stardraw (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=8707) AV. Our users place a lot of value in receiving new symbols in a timely fashion, and the cutting-edge architecture we use allows us to add new features very easily. For example, we have just added a utility which identifies any serious problem, whether its caused internally by bad data from an imported file, or externally by bad device drivers, and Stardraw will mail a comprehensive report back to the developers. This means we can fix any fault without our users having to spend time on the phone, and fixes are always posted within 48 hours. This new version immediately notifies users whenever updates are available from our website.

All our fiber runs are less than 300m, so we're able to use 50um SR fiber. We're using SPF+ terminations for 10Gb ethernet and there are a few places where we'll use LC terminations for 1Gb fiber.

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Sound & Communications Stardraw Design 7.3 Project Design Software Comments Feed

Thus we have 36 mic inputs in the Music Room without any special cabling, and 48 mic inputs if we go all out. We don't really expect to have more than 24 mics active in that room at one time, but you never know.

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Page 10 of Sound & Communications NEWSLETTER, February

This includes Single Page Applications (SPAs) which update the Page dynamically without needing to refresh or redraw the whole Page. The first Page is loaded very quickly, and other pages are downloaded in the background so that they are immediately available when required. The result is the ability to deliver rich, dynamic content in a fraction of the time of traditional websites, instead behaving more like a desktop application.


Tannoy Launches New Website

What artist headphone systems are you thinking of Michael? Aviom, HearBack, Roland, something better? There's not a huge choice available.

Sound & Communications February 2021, Vol 65 No

Stardraw (see it here) Radio made a splash with its debut at the spring NAB convention, winning a Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award. Still, the company is an unknown among broadcasters.

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Our visit to Prolight+sound 2021 In Frankfurt was a great success. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback on our latest addition to the Dante-enlabed portable pressbox APB-112 SB-D.