You will not be able to access the interior of the castle until you reach a certain point in your main story. When you do, the chest will be right in front of you and you will not miss it. I wont say more as to avoid potential spoilers. After you unlock the castle during that mission, you will be able to return at any time and pick up any remaining treasures from it.

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Stuck at 0-99% when starting up Nox App Player? Here is the fix

This Superior Bear 2-handed sword is a reward for defeating the Champion located in Deva Victrix on the river Dee. This is the third of the River Raids in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, released with game update 1/1.2.


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The Undying – Like Lord of Pain, which you can have once every 45 seconds or reduce to 35 if you pick Through Victory utility. The disadvantage of this set is having to Mad Dash to get the DR, which you can’t do on every situation due to boss positioning or flying off platforms.

My main thing as a player, in general, is trying to understand how the mechanics and bosses attacks work. I try to find patterns so I can optimize my tanking path(if requires a lot of movement) and my cooldown usage (maybe I need to save a defensive for later or I don’t have to, only knowing how the encounter works to make sure). Also, I try to look at the fight as always something that I can do better. Each raid group you join might have different strategies, if you understand how the fight works, will be a lot easier to adapt to their way to do (yes, groups can have different positions for tanks when to swap or even avoid swap depending on the strategy they use).


Spears are also weapons that require two hands to wield, unless you have the Heavy Dual Wield Skill from the Bear Tree. Spears have a unique combat animations and behavior. They allow you to keep your opponents at a distance.

Important Post-Credits Scene: Groot doesn’t die. He’s reborn as a cute baby tree. The Guardians hand over the stone to Nova Corps, the Space Police.


He has no moral qualms about this until terrorists kidnap him using said weapons. Tony builds a gigantic metal suit to escape captivity.

If Disney ever wants "Homecoming" on Disney Plus, it will have to strike another deal with Sony. But it may have missed its shot for now. Sony struck a five-year deal with Netflix on Thursday in which Netflix gets the streaming rights to future Sony movies beginning next year and select older movies from Sony's library.


Requires server and client update! Any servers that were launched with v233/0 will need to have these structures rebuilt!

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Shoot the Corresponding symbols on the ground that you got from the knights. THE SYMBOLS MUST BE IN THE SAME ORDER AS THE KNIGHTS PICTURES (Example: Griffin=Circle, Door=Square, Heart=Triangle.

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To unlock the river Dee raid you need to pick up two clues from the other two river raids first. I have a detailed guide on how to start (redirected here) the River Raids and where to find the clues to unlock the third one.


Black Ops 3 Zombies Der Eisendrache Easter Egg Steps Guide – How To Complete

Some of our users have reported the Nox App Player stuck at 99% while starting up. First, please disable windows firewall, quit the antivirus on your pc and try again. If the problem remains, you can see the two different situations and each one could try the solutions below.

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Here are all the utilities available for Juggernauts. The utilities were re-arranged in different tiers for 6/0. The utilities not used very often for PVE are greyed out. You have 9 utilities and you need to take 3 on Skillful, 6 total between Skillful and Masterful then you can take 3 on Heroic. In general, you’re going to swap utilities a lot depending on encounters.


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Juggernauts got ways to deal with Energy Wave knockback besides the normal way (pointing the cleave to open spots). You can leap back to him if you get knocked off or just take Unstoppable and leap before it hits you (I usually use it for high stacks energy wave where I have to edge tank the boss and there aren’t too many open spots). Leaping back can be scary (and fail) since it is inconsistent and I only recommend if there’s no other option.

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Kephess Squad: It will depend which boss you’re tanking at the time. They do a lot of melee attacks but they can also deal force/tech attacks (like Kronissius breath, fire from Greus, the puddles from Hissyphus, Titax Strike). Your cooldown usage will depend a lot on your strategy and how you are dealing with each boss. Note: Movement Impairing breakers doesn’t break the root from Kronissius as he keeps stunning you, cleanse works.


Reduced damage taken is post-mitigation after that hit was mitigated. Let’s say you’re using a cooldown that reduces your damage taken by 20%, so it will reduce the 50k hit by 20%, which is going to reduce 10k from that hit, which means 40k hit. Not counting any shielding (absorb shields (more helpful hints)), which would make that number even lower. Overcharge Saber and Steely Spike are Damage Reduction cooldowns. Defensive cooldowns that increase Damage Reduction works for both Kinetic/Energy and Internal/Elemental DR. The various mitigations are multiplied together.

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Avengers: Endgame opens at the same moment Infinity War ends, as Hawkeye, living with his wife, children and blissfully retired from the Avengers squad, realizes that his family has disappeared (because of Thanos). But early on in the film, Thor kills Thanos, who has revealed the Infinity Stones are all gone.


The movie picks up five years later in 2021, and the surviving heroes are spread across the world and galaxies. Captain Marvel has a new haircut, Captain America is running group therapy in New York, Black Widow is eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

GeForce Experience supports broadcasting to Facebook Live, Twitch and YouTube Live. In this section, you will learn how to set up broadcasting for these services.


How to get Excalibur in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The chest is extremely easy to reach. All you need is to blow up this weak stone wall and you will find it in the end of the corridor behind it.

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To acquire this Wonder Weapon, you need to feed 3 stone dragons by killing zombies in their vicinity. Once done, you need to head over to the knight’s tomb in order to acquire the bow.


His genius sister Shuri (Letita Wright), stealth ex-girlfriend Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) and badass head of his armed forces Okoye (Danai Gurira) help him defeat Killmonger. T’Challa, the only person in the modern era to be swayed by another’s political opinions, decides to open up Wakanda to the rest of the world—and, based on the Infinity War trailer, a possible attack by Thanos.

Bulo: Make sure you are one of the 2 highest threat as the boss keeps swapping between first 2 threat. You don’t have to do barrels anymore, but if you wanna do, make sure to swap with your co-tank on who is doing barrels after every single one. I usually use my defensives when I feel like it’s needed in here.


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I usually don’t care too much about my DTPS, because it’s more important to save cooldowns to avoid spike damage or to save them for phases of hard heal check rather than wasting everything during phases where you take almost no damage and die to spikes. I’ve seen situations where the tank takes no damage but then takes a lot of spikes and dies.

Thanos’ basic strategy is threaten to kill one superhero so another superhero will give in an hand him an Infinity Stone with mostly positive results. He successfully gains the Space Stone from Loki by threatening his brother, Thor. He messes with Star-Lord by forcing him to shoot Gamora to save the Soul Stone—though he uses the Reality Stone to show Star-Lord that was all an illusion. And he forces Wanda to destroy the Mind Stone powering Vision, but then turns back time and takes it anyway.


To identify Rune Stones, just open your Rune Box item and go to Identifying Runes tab. You can choose between identifying individually or by groups (Single or Continuous).

Mods: Lethal Unlettered for Dxun Operation. You can use the B mods if you really want the extra HP or don’t have spare mods. For old raids, you should go for Warding Unlettered or any Warding Mod since Power is hard-capped at 2557. The mods with highest Defense rating are the Warding 80R-20, while for highest Mastery and Endurance they are the normal A and B respectively.


Juggernaut tanks are one of the three tank classes in SWTOR. This guide covers the basics about rotation, gearing (including tacticals and amplifiers) and abilities.

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Toth/Zorn: You can Reflect the damage from Fearful and Zorn attacks (and the DoT you get at the begin of the fight, you can Reflect then medpac). Toth deals melee damage and during his berserk phase, you should use a cooldown since he will hurt a lot (Reflect won’t save you). To make moving during tank swaps a bit easier, I recommend saving your Mad Dash if you’re swapping from Zorn to Toth and you can have your Force Charge if you’re doing Toth to Zorn since Toth leaps to Zorn. Toth deals mostly Kinetic damage while Zorn is the Internal/Elemental boss.


The final key is in yet another small cave, as I said. Break a couple of wooden barriers to reach it.

Now head in to the cave with the chest. Its entrance is on the north side of the hill, there is a burning fire near its entrance that you can use as a landmark.


On the same island as the Yngling Seax dagger, in the middle between Eikundarsund and Nottfall is Marauder’s Den. That’s where you will find the War Hammer.

There are more coming from new updates and patches, as well as from the expansions to the game. If you have a location of something that is not included in this guide yet, please, share it in the comments or via email ([email protected]). I have a bunch more I am working through to add here and I discover new ones still, so I may not have the one you want to share!


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For your rotation, you wanna always use Aegis Assault and Crushing Blow on cooldown to maximize your DPS. Crushing Blow is your hardest hitting ability.

Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed Mountable Turrets that were glitching out/dropping players. Also optimized the turret/seat system for better server performance.


Iron Man realizes Bucky was set up. He and Cap are about to reconcile when Iron Man finds out brainwashed Bucky killed his parents. Cap, Bucky and Iron Man fight each other and let the bad guy get away. Black Panther, the only competent superhero left, arrests the terrorist.

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Important post-credits scene: A big ship overtakes Thor’s getaway ship. Presumably Thanos located the Tesseract on Thor and Loki’s ship and is going to raid it.


Marvel Cinematic Universe movies aren't available to stream on Disney Plus. Here's why

Bearded Axes can be wielded with one hand, in either hand. They can be paired with anything that is also for one hand like a shield (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=420), sword or another axe and more. If you have the Heavy Dual Wield Skill from the Bear tree you can dual-wield a Bearded Axe and a 2-handed weapon as well.

Required deleting all existing Rocket Ammo Items once. We are sorry, but it was necessary! Special thanks to Survivor "Rocketreporter" for the extremely helpful bounty report! Requires Server Update, we recommend upgrading as soon as possible!


This set to the right is for Dxun, which I have Vigilant and Steadfast Enhancements (high endurance), Lethal Mods (Regular ones) and Resistive Armorings (Regular 80 or 80R-1, they have same stats). The tactical is going to depend on the encounter, but the best one is Grit Teeth, Biochem tactical. My amplifiers are Armor Penetration for more damage, but you can roll defensive amps (see Amplifiers section for more information).

People call me Jaydenz or Omegadenz, I play SWTOR since 3/0 came out but I didn’t start raid until the last couple weeks of 3/0 and since then, I’ve cleared all the HM/NiM content available in the game pre 6/0 as Tank and DPS. Played all the 3 tank classes and Powertech DPS for the most part. Cleared most content as a healer too. All the clears includes World First 5/5 Gods From The Machine NiM/MM and World Second Timed Run. Cleared Dxun HM/VM on live server and most old content in 6/0. I raid with <Failure> Group Emerald on Satele Shan and used to raid with <Origin> on Star Forge. I would like to thanks Dongo and Sevenfaced for the opportunity in Failure, Roscoe for giving me a chance in Origin and all my teammates and friends like Sabz, Var, Kell, Nyyah, Ryann, Adorbs, Deatch, Mac, Auro, Mon, Blas, Spice, Laet, Marisi, Narwhal, Sion and Zin.


Hack tien raging thunder 2

For the regular game (because these examples above are from the EndGame really) I would suggest you stick with whatever makes you happy and allows you to enjoy your build. I personally went through most of the game with a Raven build, using the Mentor’s Set and Yngling Seax and Suttungr’s Claw from “A Brief History of the Hidden Ones” story quest.

You will use your highest threat skills and 2 taunts. You no longer have the set bonus that allows a 3rd taunt on the rotation that early, you can still do but will be a few seconds off. You don’t have to use Force Charge at all on your opener, you can just Mad Dash (from like 30 meters) and Saber Throw while you’re getting closer or if you’re close enough, just Saber Throw (or even save your Mad Dash if you know you’re going to need at the begin of an encounter as defensive, like on Master Mode Bestia while tanking doubles). If you are going to open with Force Charge, don’t use Mad Dash or Saber Throw. If the boss doesn’t have an aggro range (face pull), you can just start with your Aegis Assault combo.


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If you like investing into the Bear Skill Tree (red one), you might enjoy the Sepulcher Axe. With the opportunity to turn this monster of a weapon into a dual-wield build and combine it with something else, you will breath flames and cause unseen chaos among your enemies.

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Why it's not on Disney Plus: Sony owns the film rights to "Spider-Man" movies and can keep them as long as it releases a movie every five years. The studio struck a deal with Marvel Studios in 2021 to allow the character to appear in the MCU. Sony would retain distribution rights to the character's solo movies, while Disney would earn a percentage of box-office gross and all merchandising revenue.


Note: Metal Armor is now crafted at the Workbench, not the Fabricator. It will also be made available on Primitive Servers shortly.

There are a few different ways to obtain weapons and shields (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=1017) in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You can get them as quest reward from the main story path, as reward for side quests, by exploring secret and hidden locations in the open world or by purchasing them from the Ubisoft store.


Using the Summoning Key

The Shield is located in one of the large military locations in the river Severn Raid. Learn everything about the AC Valhalla River Raids from our guide.

NOTE: If the Share overlay does not appear it may be turned off. You can turn it on inside GeForce Experience by going to Settings > GENERAL > SHARE and toggling the switch. It will light up green indicating the Share overlay has been turned on.


Of course, they encounter some serious problems along the way. But Endgame isn’t the end for the MCU, and we have a number of upcoming movies to still look forward to.

A menu of options including Push-to-talk, Always on, Off, and Customize is shown. Use Customize to choose which microphone to use, to set the microphone volume, and optionally boost the microphone volume.


Possible Fix 1: Perform a TRACEROUTE on your computer. A Tracert (shorten of "Traceroute") is a diagnostic tool to display the route and transit delay of packets across an Internet Protocol.

She gives Fury a tricked-out pager to call her if there’s an emergency on earth. She then promises to help the Skrulls find a new home.


When you enter the small rom, look to your right. Break the pots and move the heavy object to reveal the entrance to the room with the chest.

A terrorist murders the King of Wakanda, T’Chaka, and frames Bucky. T’Chaka’s son T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther) goes after Bucky, but Cap tries to protect his old friend. Iron Man recruits Spider-Man (Tom Holland) to his side and hits on Peter’s Aunt May, who is hot now. All the superheroes fight in an evacuated airport and nobody dies because that would make these heroes anti-heroes.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Weapons List and Locations Guide

Novice and 1st Job Class characters can only use the Stat Runes. While 2nd Job class and above can use Skill Runes.

It’s really important to know how every encounter works. For tanking, I really recommend learning the damage profiles and mechanics (including tank swaps). I will leave some raid tips for some raids assuming their highest difficult mode.


Rocket Launcher can no longer have Item Stats (though its base Damage has been increased 20% to compensate). Rocket Turrets now take a slight amount of damage when they fire, and can not fire under 5% HP.

Revan: you can use Force Charge with Unstoppable to avoid getting knocked off the edge (it doesn’t prevent knockback, it will prevent Revan from stunning you, so if you are not stunned, he can’t push you, that’s why CC breaker works). You can Reflect the circles from HK’s grenades. It’s recommended to use a defensive cooldown on second floor since his damage dealt is buffed. Your Force Push is very useful to knock blades off the edge.


Ragnarok patch client skin

Click the Back button when you’ve finished. Your webcam is now enabled for broadcasting.

Star Lord, an orphaned thief obsessed with 70s music. Peter steals a not-very-well-guarded Infinity Stone called the Power Stone. Bad guy Thanos sends one of his adopted daughters Gamora (Zoe Saldana in green body paint) to take the stone from Peter. Thanos is extremely lazy and never gets up from his throne for the entire movie.


If done correctly, the boss’s chest will open up allowing you to deal as much damage with the upgraded bows as possible. Rinse and repeat until the boss falls.

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Calphayus: I recommend pre-using Saber Ward before taking him as his Force Charge hits super hard, same goes for his melee attacks (He’s pretty much an Assassin Tank that hits super hard, I wish my attacks hit that hard). Use cooldowns as necessary when you go inside the portal, I usually save something to tank the boss for after portals.

Kephess: This encounter has some heavy melee/ranged damage profile. I really recommend using a defensive for every set of Trenchcutters if you are tanking them.


I have a separate very detailed guide on how to get Excalibur in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Bestia: If you are going to take doubles, timing your defensives are much more important for spike damage than it was before since they hurt a lot and your Assassin friend can’t just Force Speed through everything (which he might make you take double). Prioritize Endure Pain and Mad Dash for the Pulverizes (12s cooldown), try to time the other defensives for the spikes, as you can have it up for 2 sets of Pulverizes. If you are taking single monsters, you can just use defensives to minimize damage taken. For when Bestia comes down, you can Mad Dash the stack application (usually happens after the cast, looks like Ravage icon).

Once you click on one of the Deaths, should display the last 10 seconds of all the actions (includes bosses attacks, healing received, damage done, damage taken). Checking death logs can be important since it can say how you died so quick if you could pop a cooldown or was just lack of heals. Here is an example of a death log, you can check and uncheck the options for a better view.


Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), a former Asgardian, captures Thor and sells him into slavery as a space gladiator. Luckily, Thor’s first opponent is his old coworker Hulk. Valkyrie, Hulk, Loki and Thor team up to evacuate and destroy Asgard before Hela can unleash the apocalypse. Thor loses an eye, and Loki steals the Tesseract (containing the Space Stone) from the Asgardian treasure room because that guy can never decide whether he’s good or bad.

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Kephess: Different from EC Kephess, this boss doesn’t really hurt a lot. Having an orb can hurt if you take too long to kill, but you can just taunt the boss and get the tank swap debuff (it will kill the orb, so make sure at least one of the tanks pick up an orb). You can Reflect his blast when he focuses on someone. Last phase will be the part where the group takes the most damage.


Enter the basement and follow the tunnel. The chest is at the end of the tunnel, on the left side.

Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and his daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly) are scared that their old colleague Darren Cross is going to sell shrinking technology to bad guys. For sentimental but somewhat sexist reasons, Hank won’t let Hope fight this bad guy. So they recruit a random thief they don’t know named Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) to wear the Ant-Man suit and fight Cross.


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Once you have Combat Logs enabled and Starparse downloaded, you need to join a group on Starparse. To join a group, go on Raiding > Settings and type the group name + password (your raid leader will probably have it made for the team to use). You can make your own group too if you want for parsing or something. Once you have everything set up, click on Raid.

The April 26 release of Avengers: Endgame took us on a trip down memory lane of the eleven years since Iron Man set the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in motion. But time travel—between Endgame’s mechanisms, Ant-Man’s use of the Quantum Realm and the powers of the Infinity Stones—makes the chronology of the 22 films in the MCU more than a bit complicated.


Did you know you can dual-wield 2h weapons? Check the AC Valhalla Abilities and Skills Guide for more info.

Note that this only applies to case of stucking at 99% due to system reasons. Do not change any thing in this tool provided unless you know what you are doing.


Unless Disney strikes a deal with Universal, the movie won't appear on Disney Plus. For die-hard MCU fans, this might be disappointing. But for casual viewers, the movie isn't an essential entry in the franchise (the actor Edward Norton was replaced with Mark Ruffalo in "Avengers").

Failed to start at the beginning

At the end of this corridor you will see a break-able wall section. First move the heavy object to your left to uncover the door behind it. Break the lock on the door to your left. Go through the door to the other side of the next room and pick up a flamable vase.


Nefra: the easiest NiM boss by far. For the most part you don’t even need to use your defensives, but you can do that to reduce dtps and use your Endure Pain (if you have the utility) to cleanse the dot.

You may encounter bandits down there. The chest is not locked or hidden, so you can quickly drop down, pick up the weapon and get out without a fight.


The whole camp is full of civilians as well as special types of enemies. You can sneak in quickly if you wish to avoid fighting.

Important Post-Credit Scene: Thor can’t keep the Reality Stone in Asgard because The Space Stone (Tesseract) is already there. You might as well be asking Thanos to come destroy your planet. Thor’s friends bring the Reality Stone to the Collector (Benicio del Toro). Thor’s friends seem really hesitant to leave such a powerful object with the Collector, which is reasonable because the guy has Howard the Duck trapped in a cage in his office.


The Nox App Player on your computer is not correctly installed

The Advanced Rune System is a new system in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love available in the Episode 6/0 patch. It’s an entirely new system in addition to the old Aesir Monument Rune System.

So it’s a puzzle and it’s up to you to figure out how to position your Runes to get your desired effects. Remember, the order of the three smaller runes around the Skill Rune doesn’t matter as long as the requirements are met.


Ragnarok offline installer patch

Damage Reduction: Reduces damage taken from any type of damage (Internal, Elemental, Kinetic and Energy). The DR for Kinetic and Energy has a bonus from armor, while the Internal/Elemental DR isn’t affected by armor. For Internal/Elemental DR, Assassins/Shadows have 24%, Juggernauts/Guardians have 21% without Aegis Assault buff and Powertechs/Vanguard have 19%.

How to start the River Raids

Entrance to the cave is from the south, on the north shores of the lake. To find out more about Erik Loyalskull and the other five like him, check out the Guide to Lost Drengr in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Each boss drops a rare and useful loot upon defeat, and +2 Skill Points.


You will find the pots all locked up in a small buildint right next to the church. Break that wooden obstacle and jump in from the small hole. Break the lock on the door and carry one pot to the stone wall.

The second key is hidden in the next cave under the same hill. Move the heavy object to pick up the key.


Eathena ragnarok hacks s

If you have cleared Izax HM pre-nerf, you will find the fight is super similar. Same mechanics for tanks, just have to execute perfectly or near perfect. Cooldown usage matters a lot more than did before since you can easily go from 100% to 20% hp within 2 seconds. There’s a lot of pressure on you while getting used to the NiM version due all the damage going out.

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City Boss: It will all depend which team you’re going for. If you go to red, you can interrupt some of their casts and make sure to use defensives as they can hurt. If you go to green, you can pull them inside one of the buildings and LOS their casts. On gold, you should reflect the right mob. If you go to blue, you can cleanse the dot with the Endure Pain utility, make sure to not get hit by their cleave. On the sniper guy, you can use Reflect on his terminate or you can LOS it around the pillar on the right side (might be patched at some point).


Der Eisendrache Ragnarok DG-4

After shooting the wisps, you need to head back to teleporter and time-travel into the past. While in the past; you need to remember the vault code, pick up the blue fuse as well as both the Soul Canisters to proceed ahead.

Find this hole and go underground. The chest is nearby the wooden ladder as you slide down. The Raven Predator Bow is in it.


With the new 6/0 set bonuses, all the old set bonuses aren’t a thing anymore. You have a lot of new sets for each spec and even general set bonuses (that works for every class). I searched each one of them and I selected a few that could be used for PVE Tanking (but you should pick one). Keep in mind that you lost your taunt cooldown reduction from 3/0-5/0. I use 6 pieces of Descent of the Fearless + 1 Amplified Champion. Set bonuses that aren’t the best options are greyed out. The reason is that the actual tank set bonuses for Juggernaut aren’t going to be effective for the most part, so having the extra DPS might be a better gain.

Important Post-Credits Scene: Black Panther brings Bucky to Wakanda. Wakandan scientists freeze Bucky until they can figure out how to fix his brain.


This beautiful Dane axe is actually a copy of a weapon from AC Origins. It is available far to the cold north of Northumbria, in Housesteads in Eurvicscire.

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The blue turret in phase 2 hurts a lot, most of damage is Melee/Ranged, so defense isn’t bad at all here. The red turret doesn’t need to be tanked for the most part and doesn’t damage as much. Remind: If you taunt blue turret mid cast, it won’t swap target, it will keep casting shots at the previous target, so make sure to soak the shots and use cooldowns specially when you don’t have stacks. If you time your defensives for the blue turret shots, you can have it up for 2 casts.

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Juggernaut Tanking PvE Guide by Jaydenz

Once you join the Raid on Starparse, should show a lot of info like DPS, DTPS, TPS, HPS, EHPS, APM. After (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=9812) each pull should display death log for when you die, showing the exact time you or somebody died.


Assassin's Creed Valhalla 2021.02.16 -

Located in Sutton Hoo in East Anglia. It’s far to the south, near the border with Essexe.

Captain America says no because he’s watched the other Avengers films and knows you can’t trust the government. Everyone takes sides except Thor and Hulk who are off on a space road trip (more on that later).


On the Broadcast page, select Yes to enable broadcasting from your PC. You can also set up custom overlays or change the ingest server for broadcasting to Twitch. Click the Back button when you’ve finished.

Key stardock start 8


Daggers / Seax are the fastest weapons in the game. They are designed to be dual-wielded and go well with any damage-over-time builds relying on Fire and Poison.

I came across Nox player when I was searching for app player software

You need to start by shooting the weather vane followed by igniting 3 bonfires located on the outside of the map. After (look at here now) this, you need to step on all symbols while in zero-gravity mode and fill 3 urns by killing zombies in their close vicinity. After (your domain name) electrifying the now-lit bonfires using soul-fed urns, acquire the re-forged arrow from the weather vane, place it in the chest, and charge it before acquiring it.


Thanos wants to murder half of all people in the universe because of overpopulation. What an environmentally conscious baddie! To do so, he needs to acquire all six Infinity Stones, which, when wielded together, will allow him to control all life in the universe. Considering that he’s been eyeing these stones for almost a decade and acquired none, he is able to snag all six surprisingly quickly, though at a runtime of 2 hours and 40 minutes, it may not feel that way for the audience.

Once you are inside the house, climb up on the opposide side of the glowing in gold circles marker. I will be a little stingy with images as to not reveal any potential visual spoilers of what is happening around. I did this during the story arc quest.


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Doing so will open up the vault nearby allowing you to acquire a couple of Tesla Coils and a floppy disk. You need to insert these coils inside the machines near the Death Ray trap followed by activating it.

After the patch the shield (https://dkluchezar.ru/content/uploads/files/download/ragnarok-2-wont-start-after-hack-shield.zip) is no longer available from the town shops. It is now located in the Calleva Outpost in the north-eastern corner of Hamtunscire.


Ragnarok gm commands hack

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