Note - There's at least two versions of LEGO Island 2, with different EXEs. Not all of these patches may work on your version!

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Lego Island on MobyGames

I tried it on my laptop (Win8) with the CD again, and it crashed on the first cutscene (like before). I installed it on the family PC (Win7) this morning and tested it: With CD, crashes on the first loading transition after I clicked New Game.


Just tried this with my copy of IXS I just received. It crashed on the first cutscene when running from the disc; with the no-CD trick, runs perfectly.

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Be careful when editing the registry. A small edit here or there in the wrong entry could result in major issues.

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The 3rd entry of the no intro videos section wasn't correct, and neither is the Debug level select section

I would not give out the modded exe, only use it myself. Would someone giving a tutorial on how to do it, even my PM to me only, be illegal?

How did you even get the game without using a disc? You need to keep in mind there may be files on the disc that the game uses. Plus, he never said that was the way to do it, he just suggested that being a place to look.


Fish around the entries for LR2 and find one that contains a drive letter or directory path. If the entry has anything to do with a CD, you've probably found what you need to edit.

Is it possible to mod the exe using a hex editor? And do it in such a way that someone who knows no coding whatsoever (like me) can do it without messing something up?


How can I install LI2 without a disk

If you install it from a virtual drive, you will need to mount the ISO every time, because the games looks for that drive letter. If you install it from the CD, you need to put it in the same drive, because it looks for that drive letter. However, that drive letter can be changed. It is defined in a registry string, and changing it to the proper drive letter, be it virtual or physical, will make Racers 2 look for the disc in that drive letter. This is the whole reason I had some much trouble making an LR2 Alternate Installer. I don't remember where it is located (I haven't installed LR2 on my laptop yet), but it's posted multiple times around here.

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As The Doctor said, you might be able to use an ISO and mount it on a virtual drive. For this to work, you will need to uninstall and reinstall (or edit the right registry key) as it uses a registry entry to remember the disc drive letter.

Got it. It seems like my issues are with changing the installation directory, unrelated to patching; I seem to have trouble running the game, getting to the main menu, or starting in-game depending on where I tell the installer to set up the files. I seem to have no problems if the installation directory is left to default.


I tested it and it worked well and this game is fun on my Windows XP laptop. You also have to be an idiot enough to think this is a virus, especially Hypno7767. Like, who thinks that an ISO image can give you a virus? They literally uploaded it from their CD lmao.

Could it be the game has a problem reading from the disc? Cause gameplay seems fine/crashless when it can get past the loading freezing, from what I've seen so far.


Have you splitted the thing he wrote in two parts, like it's supposed to be, or did you just paste the whole thing in? I don't know if you noticed, but in there there's a space, mid way through, along with a couple quotes.

Lego Island Alternate Installer

An official release of the soundtrack was never made. A project to restore the soundtrack to 44/1 kHz stereo from the original composer's backup tapes (compared to the 11/025 kHz mono found in-game) can be found on the Project Island website. The Italian release uses SecuROM DRM copy protection . This game is not available digitally.

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Are you sure it's installed on drive C? All I can think of is that your hard drive letter is something other than C.

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You read over the instructions AND viewed the cooresponding images right? It should be pretty straightforward.