I understand why they want shut it down now because less numbers of players over Halo 2 online of course. Plus Halo 5 for next Xbox is coming soon that's our bet, maybe they bring Halo 2 HD Anniversary for Xbox 360 and maybe PC and Halo 3, ODST, Reach and Halo 4 is still online around. So it is too much Halo servers now. So make sense to shut down PC servers for Halo 2. I knew less players numbers is main reason. But there plenty Halo games out there for online still opens for Halo fans.

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Lately I find myself spending more and more time on the 360. Despite the PC's superiority as a platform, playing games is simply more straightforward and hassle free than the PC.


Look near the middle of the room for a declining slant, which leads to a door. Head down and engage the aliens. This next part is a partial ambush. The corridor on the right has an Elite that will pop through the door, along with the lights darkening. Once he's down, you'll hear a shot gunning marine die. Go up, engage the 2 elites, and watch out for one invisible one. Once they're dead, make use of the shotgun on the ground. Go into the next room, but take slight cover. Nail the grunts along the left, along with the people manning the turrets. There's one plasma turret along the far wall as well.

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Shutting down a server with a peak population of 20 people is totally reasonable, especially since its been in service for 6 years and the new generation of Halo games is on the horizon. Couldn't be further away from EA.

When you reach the area up ahead, there will be about 3 plasma turrets that need to be taken out. Watch out for the two Ghosts by the station. There's also a Wrath on the other side of the bridge. Start off by eliminating the Ghosts and nearby Elites. If your Warthog flips, hijack a Ghost, and finish off the remaining hostiles. Take cover behind the building, and go inside.


This next area will have about 7-10 Brutes, a few Jackals, and some minor Drones. Shoot the Brutes, or sneaking up with the cloak. Try to keep your allies alive but flanking the Brutes via the side pathway. Reach the end door, and move on through. Eliminate the Jackals below, along with the Brute that enters through the door. Move through, and you'll see a large drop-off ahead. Gradually, make your way down each lower level. Cloak on entry, stick a couple of Brutes, and then eradicate the remaining ones. The lowest level has 4 of them, so be careful. Don't take heed to take shelter.

Tartarus hates your guts, and will try to melee you. Use cloaking for temporary relief. His melee attack is "usually" an instant kill, so avoid it. About halfway, his pesky Captain Brutes will drop down, eliminate them as well. Repeat this strategy, and the battle will end.


Engage the Jackals/Grunts inside the small room, and enter the next one. Jump onto the stair-like platform, and go up. Wait a bit, and some Jackals will pop up from an elevator. Apparently, the structure is going to submerge underwater, and you better hurry unless you want to swim. Jump into the elevator, and hit the switch.

By "downgrading" the Steam version of the game back to the 2021 version. This is done simply by taking backups of those 2021 files (plenty exist) and dragging/dropping them into the games current folder. If, theoretically, you purchased the game before 2021 and never updated it, you could still play the game online and unlock all achievements. Investigations deemed this to be "an invalid method to obtain the achievements".


I personally still want Reach though, but Halo 2 should be fun for now

Because of that fact, many games have/will suffer a premature death on PC, while others will see new life. Due to this, the definition of what's considered cheating should be examined more closely when dealing with PC titles.

The summer is upon us, a time for the scantily clad. Hopefully in June we will get to see those 'implants', as June is traditionally the time for 'peekaboo' bras.


Halo 2 Vista - Windows 7 - Games for Windows LIVE error

Enter the hangar, and aim at the purple tube. Knock out the Covenant who jumps through. Jump down to ground level and look out the window. One of the MAC guns will be blown to pieces by an interior bomb. While the Covenant were retreating, some elite forces managed to sneak in and plant a bomb. The door behind you should pop open. Nail the forces, and head on through. Go left down the hall, and then enter where the retreating marine is coming from. Again, more Covenant will be popping out of the boarding ships via the purple tubes. Use your grenades to clear out the masses.

I've seen a lot of people worried about the severs for Halo 2 going down. I'm 90% sure that you can still create a dedicated server, and host your own multiplayer games. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.


After I got a new computer and tried to activate RF:G on it, it said that the serial number I used was registered to a different E-mail address. I haven't been able to play this game for months due to this issue (and have been waiting for a reply from support all of those months), and would love to play it again. I've tried entering every E-mail I've ever used along with the serial number, and none of them work.

Been playing through Halo 2 in the MCC

Once clear, go up on top, and grab the beam rifle. The Pelicans will start to come in, but there are some Covenant Phantoms as well. When the Phantom approaches, pull out your Rocket Launcher, and nail the turrets on the Phantom. If you time it right, you can also hit the reinforcements that drop down as well. Yet again, some Elites may sneak into the bottom of your base, so eliminate them with some well-timed nades. Once you're confident it's clear, go out, grab some scavenger ammo, then retreat back in. Another Phantom will be dropping troops in. Use the same strategy as before. Ammo will be more scarce, so try to get your allies to help you out on this one.


You can actually launch rockets at him, which take severe damage, which is why it's best to conserve them for later on. Don't equip the Sword yet. Instead, put on Dual Plasma Rifles so you can battle the normal guards first. The best strategy is to lure the enemies towards the large sliding doors, then retreat back to the hall, and shoot them as they come in. The door has a delay open/close, which means you can reload, or regather your shields quite easily. If you look ahead in the room, you'll notice the Prophet Regret. Regret has a large Sentinel Beam attack, except it does nearly twice as much armor damage. You can lock rockets onto his form, and attempt to destroy him, but it's best to clear the room of default hostiles first. Now, to kill Regret, you have to get close, jump up, and hold down the board button to grab a hold of him. From here, you must tab melee to attack him. After awhile, he'll teleport around the room to various spots. It shouldn't be any trouble though, because the Honor Guards sort of taper off during the fight.

But no service, NO SERVICE, could have recovered from the pounding pro-Steam users gave GFWL. I still have a few burned bridges with people in the "industry" who felt like this was a necessary thing to see because of their devotion to "lord Gaben". You would feel like me too if you had your system hacked and torn to shit because some Steam users did not like the fact you stood up for the exception and not the norm (I still have the HDD stored away as a reminder that Steam users can actually suck eggs too). Certain reviewers, editors, and the sites that employ them I still avoid to this day because like Pepperidge Farm, I remember too.


Anybody want to pick up on the some multiplayer 'chievos? I just picked up Halo (look at this web-site) 2 pc back in May, and haven't really played much multiplayer because my pc sucks.

Another advantage of Steam: everyone has an account, and we can create groups. If you're in the group you can join group chat, which is very useful for club races and league races, if there's still no ingame typed chat possible.


Tartarus can be really annoying - or really easy, if you understand how to beat him. To start off, there will be a wall of 4 Brutes surrounding him, along with 2-3 Brutes helping him during random times (usually spawn once or twice during the battle). After you nail them down, he will hop onto the center platform.

Some cloaked Covenant will be in the next room under the water. These are similar to veteran troops, so be very careful. You can Beam Rifle sniper if you desire, although it's fairly difficult locking on. I prefer to run in with Dual Plasmas, hide behind the pillars, and gradually take them out. Careful for the Swordsman who sprints out at the end. Make sure you refreshen your Sword.


Halo 2 PC Servers to Be Shut Down This February

Parameter Description -windowed Runs the game in windowed mode -novsync Disables Vsync. May improve the game performance -monitor:X Allows users to move the game between monitors when running in full screen. Replace X with monitor number (found in Windows Display Settings) -nosound Runs the game without audio.

I just got Halo (learn the facts here now) 2 today as its the only Halo (my site) game I havent played. Although I did get it for the campaign, was still looking at a few MP games.


Several Elites will be mixed in with the barricades below, with Grunts of course. However, there will be Beam Rifle snipers in the background. Hopefully, you'll have some Marines left who have Rockets equipped. Leave them to take care of the ground forces. You should concentrate on sniping off the background snipers if possible, since they're very annoying. Move ahead to where the red flashing light is, along the right wall, and grenade the remaining Covenant. Head through the hallway, you'll run into one or two Covenant, then a wide-open space up ahead. Grab a Beam Rifle from the Jackal before, and snipe off ALL of the Jackal Snipers. These guys are very annoying because of the wide-open arena. One of your Warthogs will spiral around distracting the enemy.

Apparently, he ran away again to another hangar station. Quickly follow your waypoint, which should be slightly to your left. You'll have about 4 Banshees to deal with, and they're stronger than from before, Make use of the Banshee bomb, if you miss then plasma them down. Use your boost if you're flying up too quickly.


Make your way to the building with the machine gun up top. Several Covenant Elites and Grunts will pop out from the side alley along the right. Again, more Jackals will pop out into the courtyard, so make use of the height advantage. Several Drones will appear from up above, so make use of the turret at hand. You may have some Beam Rifles on the extreme heights as well, although they appear occasionally. Get a Battle Rifle to deal with them.

Now that the landing zone is clear, two Pelicans will arrive. Jump into the driver's seat of the Warthog that appears thanks your fortunate Space Marines. Now, drive straight ahead and to the right of the main temple. You'll see a hilly road that leads up to the "big building" in the center of the island. Three Beam Rifle snipers will be ready to greet you. Strafe and side wind to avoid them.


You'll also have some Gravitational Elites to nail on the mid-gondola. Not too much trouble for your sniper rifle. When you get fairly close to landing with the temple, start to snipe off the normal grunts near the turrets. Then, focus on the shield Jackals.

Halo 2 on HowLongToBeat

Follow the soldier as he takes you through their landing zone. When you reach the top, you should be out on a balcony. The Scarab should blow up your Scorpion, then proceed overboard.


Now that you've made it past this part, gather some ammo, because you'll be facing more of the same. Round the corner, and drive up ahead. You'll have numerous Covenant forces under both large turret things, along with a rebounding ship that will drop a few Ghosts. Try to get behind the ghosts, and let your gunner nail out the driver. Otherwise, if it gets hairy, you can try to run them over for the splatter kill. Again, keep the plasma fires off of your warthog, because you need your gunner alive. If you're restricted to no vehicle, try to hijack a Ghost, or kill the driver with a Battle Rifle, and take over one. Get the gunner to shoot off the turrets on the Covenant Carrier, and head up over the next hump. This next part will have a repeat of before, with several Ghosts, along with a sheltered building near the beginning. If you lose your warthog, retreat to the shelter, because the Carrier will continue to pound down red plasma fire.

Well, I managed to work out why I couldn't login to any of my GFWL (basics) games last night. Had two-factor auth switched on, but was trying to use my old password to login. Went to the MS site, did one of those things where it generates a one-off password and it worked.


Aim assist is always enabled for controllers. It can be disabled using Project Cartographer.

Start off by immediately nailing as many shots as you can on the "big" Librarian. Remember, legs first, then work on the smaller Librarians. They'll keep spawning, so try to make it for the large black door. Get on top of the platform, then leap over. Meanwhile, several humanistic-Flood zombies with weapons will engage you. Problem is, they tend to constantly hop out of the walls, along with Librarians. Make your way to the end of the hall. Nail the pillar with the blue insignias, and it should drop.


Games for Windows Live purchases no longer downloadable from client

If online/campaign achievements are affected, I'm fairly certain that a similar workaround will be found by either reverting to old versions of the game or downloading an external program that patches in GFWL (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2331) functionality again. What will the ruling on this be?

As usual, you'll start back in the same temple room with the hologram. Immediately run upstairs and take shelter on the left ledge, Nail the 2-3 Elites that pop out, along with the drones. You'll have two marines for backup, which is rarely enough these days. Now that this area is finished off, go through the right doorway and out into the open area. There will be two Jackal snipers to nail off, along with some Grunts and Elites along the main pathway. You'll also face a Swordsman Elite. Take him out immediately, grab his sword, and wield it against the opposing foes. Move across the small plateau, but don't go over the top. Instead, take the under route, and grenade the beam rifle sniper on the other side. Now, rush the left along with the Elite, and take the covert entrance.


Awarded to subscribers of the Halo Legendary Crate

Again, we'll see more foolish propaganda from Regret. When you reach the open, be very careful. Grab a Carbine from the previous Honor Guard, and start sniping off the Drones/Grunts. Make your way up the hill, and nail off the 2-3 Elites. You'll get more human weapons up from above, thanks to some Pelican reinforcements. Take the Sniper Rifle and Battle Rifle. Move ahead towards the yellow cave. Look to the right, and start sniping off the beam rifle Jackals. Make your way over towards the left, and take out more of the same Grunts with their friendly Elites. Their shields "seem" stronger, so take it a tad slower than normal.

Halo Infinite's MP looks like a game that I can truly invest my time in. none of that FOMO BS

I seem to be having some trouble trying to start Halo (click this link here now) 2 Vista on my Windows 7 x64 computer. Every time I load it up, It comes up with [quote]Live Gaming on Windows failed to initialize. This may be because another LIVE Gaming on Windows application (such as the Halo 2 dedicated server) is running on the same machine.


Another example in the same vein is Dark Souls (PC) Achievements. If you downgrade the Steam version back to GFWL and use a GFWL (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2781) key, you can play the game online. The only way to unlock achievements in this game online without this method is by playing on the Prepare to Die disc edition, a very rare and expensive game. Investigations has made no comments on this.

Hired Gun Halo Nation FANDOM powered by Wikia

Eventually, a Marine Warthog will come up from behind, if you want to hitch a ride, but I recommend you stay in the Ghost. Zoom up ahead, and nail the Covenant at the checkpoint. Boost over the ramp, but watch out for the flying Drones. Try to take them out first (along with anyone on the turret inside the pile of mass). Then, clear the next blockade, and blast ahead. Suddenly, a large plasma beam will blast through the highway. Three to four Ghosts will appear and try to ambush you.


Awarded to players of Halo: Fireteam Raven

Refill on any lost grenades or ammo. Cortana informs you that the Covenant just destroyed two of their own ships. Apparently, an uprising is taking place. Move ahead, and jump onto the Warp Bridge pad. On the other side, start to engage the minor forces attacking you. The Elites will be distracted by the Brutes.

Halo 2 XBox exclusive

I contacted Microsoft about this a few months ago and never received any reply. My assumption is that all my previous purchases are now invalid and I can no longer download and play those games.


Halo 2 PC has two Nvidia specific issues - GeForce Forums

Start off by following the Sergeant's instructions. Look at the red-lighted beams, and then follow him over to the control manual. Once you're done, enter the elevator along with Sgt.

Go into the small narrow tunnels at the bottom. Your Phantom will lay down some reinforcements, some of his "best" warriors. You should still have the tank by now. Those BIG Librarians can easily be nailed. Start knocking off the Wraiths, one by one. These are ENEMY Wraiths, not friend lies - the Flood hijacked them. Wait for the 3 Elites to be dropped, and let them board. Go down the left pathway, and eliminate the two Ghosts. TAKE shelter behind either the statue, or VERY close to the ice cave. A Flood RPG will ambush you on a time delay (about 15 seconds) after engagement.


Games are either run on community hosted dedicated servers or on peer machines. The only thing 343 servers would be used for is matchmaking, and why aren't they just using the typical Live servers for that (which I don't see them paying much for as they're MS owned)? It just seems to me like they're kicking themselves in the balls here with some bad press.

When you reach the bottom, a door should open. Go through it. Move through the halls up ahead, and grab a Carbine if you can. Then, enter through the next door. You'll hear some Covenant forces ducking it out. Smash the glass windows, and start engaging both the Heretics and Flood. When the area is partially cleared, jump down, grab a Sentinel, and start blasting away the Parasites. More Heretics will pop up above to try and snipe you. Grab a Carbine and take them out. Take shelter if necessary, because you'll be shot quite often. There's also a plasma cannon at one end of the room, but it's fairly in effective at killing the Flood.


Halo 2 on WSGF

There's also another RPG on the other side of the bridge, which must be eliminated. Move across, and more Ghosts/Flood to kill. Cross back over to the left, and it will get tricky. There will be 4-6 more Ghosts to engage, along with several Librarians. They try to cluster at once, so get fairly close to the cave. Proceed on in. When you reach the other end, there will be another combating Scorpion. Don't engage it, but hope the major Librarian kills the driver. If he does, bail out, and board this one. Your allies will take over the other one, and help you out - double time. Focus on the mini Librarians, then make your way down to the small crevice along the wall.

Nail down the numerous Librarians that spawn, and continue down the small tunnel. Again, you'll be able to notice some spawn holes for the robots along the walls. Make sure you shoot them, otherwise you'll have a ton of chasers. Yet again, you'll have to engage another pillar and drop down a floor. You'll notice some Covenant being engaged up ahead. Rush to the Savior, and knock out the spawn points if you wish. Then, criss-cross over the bridges as you move ahead. Again, move forward, and your Elite will warn you that some Brutes have fallen attempting to nail the Shield Generator. Knock off the usual spawn points and Librarians.


Why Do This To Yourself

But SEGA Rally is not a GFWL (reference) game. It only has Games for Windows logo on the box, but without LIVE service.

Halo 2 on MobyGames

Start off by immediately jumping into the Spectre. You should get a gunner, and any Elites that are alive. Now, proceed towards the brown shutter door. A large Librarian will appear, along with minor ones. Avoid the explosive float mines, and take them all out. Guide yourself through the tunnel, and you'll run into another ambush of Librarians. Fortunately, your gunner focuses on the strong points of the creatures (although he does have a tendency not to fire). The great advantage is that you DO NOT have to eliminate all these creatures. Instead, work on the Librarians first. Now, enemies Warthog and Scorpion, along with minor Ghosts will appear from shudder doors below.


Some leaves on trees do not render specifically Delta Halo · Issue #93 · PermaNulled/cartographer

As this is a support forum, if you would like to pursue legal action then we will not be able to assist further. If you would like to continue troubleshooting, please feel encouraged to start a new thread and we will be happy to assist you there. Because I have been deeply involved in this situation, please send me a private message with the new thread you have created. You can also bump this thread or this thread as I am keeping an eye on those as well.

Start go back towards the beginning of the room, and climb the stairs. As you proceed upwards, a series of Librarians and Flood will drop down. Continue your way to the top, until you reach the elevator switch, and hit it. When you reach the upper echelon area, it gets tougher. There will be about 4-5 Librarians at once, along with several Flood Zombies ambushing you. You should see three blue/white dotted pillars, at triangular coordinates surrounding your position. Run up to these locations, pull out your Energy Sword, and uppercut them to destroy them. Once they're all down, the station will start to go into freefall. Quickly run back to the elevator that brought you up, and press the switch. When you're back in the room, hop back down to the ground floor, and go to the force field room. Eliminate the Heretics inside, and then drop through the elevator hole.


You'll find an armament full of weapons. Grab the Rocket Launcher, and keep your Sword. You may also switch your Sword (if extremely low, 25 or less) for the Fuel Rod Cannon. Proceed into the next room, RPG the Jackals on the left, and whack the one on the right. Lock-on to the nearby Wraith 3 times, and destroy it. Board the Wraith and use it against the opposing Brutes that come anywhere in you sight you. Some may be on Ghosts and so forth, head under the tunnel to the right. Now, go back to where you were before, run back up the ledge, and head back to the Armory. Reload, and take back your Sword if necessary. Run back to the left this time, but don't jump down. Continue along the ridge to the doorway.

The rest will be unobtainable for you. I'm still disappointed that this game went offline without any kind of warning or announcement.


If you buy one GFWL game, you can use that key for any other GFWL game to activate it

Hi, can you share the activation key? Cuz I can't activate it after installation and I have a GFWL key.

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When you reach the upper echelon of the base, you'll find 2 spare Banshees resting near the location with most of the Fuel Rod turrets. I recommend switching to one of them to replenish the damage done to your primary hull. Continue the search for the Heretic's ship. As usual, Banshees will continue to come in pairs of two. Eventually, your mother ship will inform you that the position of the Heretic's ship has been located. He landed on one part of the base. Clear the landing zone via your Banshee bombs and plasma fire. Wait for the guards to come out, and take care of them as well.

Project Cartographer is an unofficial multiplayer mod which provides an alternative to the now defunct Games for Windows - LIVE platform for Halo 2 Vista. It allows players to use the Network tab as a server browser and connect via peer-to-peer (P2P) networking. This is a fast and streamlined solution as compared with available LAN gaming solutions, as it retains almost all original Live multiplayer functionality. Adds a wide variety of extra features into the game itself.

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When you see the two marines, prepare for a tough part. Several Drones will fly up and ambush you. Try to take cover along the right wall, and snipe them periodically with a long range weapon.


This is why people don't trust Microsoft. Hopefully with Vulkan and SteamOS we can all slowly move from Windows.

Excuse the fuck out of me for not putting in the words "at one time" in my sentence. I thought that we'd all be intelligent enough in here to make that assumption, but I guess I was wrong in your case.


Halo 2 Games for windows live achivements

Start off by hopping into the Wraith. Turn around, and follow your fellow Spectre. You'll run into a series of 6-8 Brute Ghosts, which are fairly stupid, and easy to explode. Boost into them if you're overrun. There will be an enemy Wraith to you’re right, and take it out with priority to save your Elite allies. Boost up ahead, and we'll face more Brute Ghosts. When you get near the mouth of the base, and you see a Scarab, watch to your left. A Phantom will lay down support fire. Blast off the turrets on it. Now, in order to breach the Scarab, you must take out the two Wraiths to the left of the Scarab.

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Move across the bridge, and continue to engage the Flood. You'll reach a small encampment to the left. Use the booster pad to take shelter, and the Plasma turrets for heavy fire. I found it best to slice-n-dice with the sword for this part. Once cleared, you'll discover that your Covenant Camp is a little further in. You can find a Rocket Launcher on the ground near the beginning of the stone hedges. Grab it, then enter the left cave. Again, move out into the open, and engage the surrounding Flood around the plasma turrets. Once you're ready, get ready for an ambush attack by the Flood. Several will approach from all sides of the base. Try to use the RPG and pelt them down.

Cut through the double doors, and you'll see some broken windows to the left. Grab the turret by the first window, and reign down some fire on the Elites behind the plants. Once they're down, go right through the upper hall. Proceed down the stairs, eliminate the elite and his fellow friend, and then enter the main hall. Enter back to the main lobby, and take out the remaining tangos. Then, continue back to where the stairs were, and proceed through the open hall.