An online quiz maker is used to create a quiz that can be played online by users. The internet is full of quiz makers, but only few of them deliver what they promise. We tested tens of them and reviewed the top 3 free and 3 paid quiz makers online for you.

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We have also created another huge opportunity. You can create a quick quiz from the dashboard without visiting the questions page or quiz page. Just click on a quick quiz button and you’ll see a modal window with an opportunity to add questions and save the quiz, but note that it is only for adding a new quiz. For editing quiz you should do the steps as usually you edit quizzes or questions.


With this WordPress questionnaire plugin you can also categorize the questions and quizzes

And mentoring is probably a little bit, but not as strong as collaborative. And you just go down each and every answer.

Yes, you can do that so easily and effortlessly with our best WordPress quiz plugin! It can auto-generate certificates and email them to your test takers when they successfully pass your quiz. To activate the functionality, please go to the Email & Certificate tab of the plugin and tick on the checkbox next to Send certificate to user option. You can customize the following suboptions: certificate pass score, certificate title, certificate body, certificate orientation, certificate background image, and certificate frame. Moreover, you can preview it from your WordPress dashboard before sending it to your users.


Firstly, you can create advanced level quizzes and exams with the dozens of available functions of the Premium versions. But most importantly, the Premium versions provide Support and Update. Check out the changelog of the quiz plugin and see the frequency of updates and added options on each update. It is important to mention, that all suggestions are welcomed. Hence, feel free to share your valuable feedback with us anytime.

Troubleshooting By Symptom The troubleshooting procedures follow flow charts. There are four symptoms, the symptom that you are experiencing will determine which flow chart to use. The flow chart asks yes and no questions to determine the problem. The flow chart will direct you to a procedure to correct the problem.


Now, when it comes to creating good personality quiz titles, short, punchy titles are the best. We recommend six to eight words.

Are you looking for the best WordPress quiz plugin

We have created beautiful form and you can choose fields of the form from the dashboard and assign this form to your quiz ( After or Before quiz ) and when the user finishes the quiz you can collect data and have beautiful statistics on your dashboard. This data allows you to create your email and SMS marketing, which will attract much more users from your specific target.


Page 34 Step 6 Disassemble distribution tube by loosening the two (2) middle thumbscrews and dividing. Mix a solution of cleaner and lukewarm water. Depending upon the amount of mineral buildup, a larger quantity of solution may be required. Use the ratio in the table below to mix enough solution to thoroughly clean all parts.

Page 117 Discharge Line Temperature Analysis GENERAL Knowing if the discharge line temperature is increasing, decreasing or remaining constant can be an important diagnostic tool. Compressor discharge line temperature on a normally operating ice machine steadily increases throughout the freeze cycle. Ambient air temperatures affect the discharge line temperature.


On this screen, you can choose whether the date will be displayed as Mo/Day/Yr or Day/Mo/Yr by highlighting your choice and pressing the Checkmark. Selecting one will deselect the other.

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ICE CLARITY In areas with poor potable water quality, the ice machine makes cloudy ice. Setting Ice Clarity to ON will add additional water during the freeze cycle to dilute the water that contains a high content of dissolved solids in the water trough. This feature decreases production and increases water usage.


Page 72 Detail Event Log Service Definition E-Log Display Text Error Description Definition T1 Fault T1 Sensor Each thermistor reading is monitored continuously using six second average values. During Pre-chill T2 Fault T2 Sensor a thermistor had a six second average thermistor values fall outside of the valid temperature range.

Alerts and Messages When messages and alerts exist, they will be highlighted and can be selected with the Left arrow. Alerts displayed will have priority over messages. O f f O n / O f f M o d e For example, if alerts are appearing in the fourth line of the display: 1.


At number two on our list, it’s The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test from ETS. As the title suggests, this book comes directly from the ETS, the makers of the TOEFL test itself. That makes this TOEFL book one of the most accurate and reliable preparation guide on the market. As well as detailed preparation exercises and learning plans, the guide includes hundreds of authentic TOEFL exam questions and four full mock tests. This TOEFL book also comes with a CD to enable you to practice for the Listening section too.

Install the water curtain/damper. Supply power to the ice machine Control board fuse is good?


SYMPTOM #3 WILL NOT HARVEST, CUBES NOT MELTED Ice Machine Will Not Harvest - Freeze Cycle is Normal and Ice Cubes are Not Melted After Harvest START Refer to Discharge line temperature is normal Low production, Symptom #2 at the end of the freeze cycle? Normal fill pattern, long Freeze Cycle harvest cycle, Possible SL #2.

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Energy Saver Menu From the Main menu, use the Down arrow to navigate to Energy Saver and press the Checkmark. Set up an energy saving ice program, enable the Water Miser and view usage statistics from this menu. Press the Left arrow to return to previous screens.


Page 31 Wait until the water trough refills and the display indicates add solution (approximately 1 minute), then add the proper amount of ice machine cleaner. Model Amount of Cleaner I0320 90 ml (3 oz) I0500 150 ml (5 oz) Part Number STH038 5/12.

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Page 119 COLUMN 3 - TXV FLOODING OR REFRIGERANT OVERCHARGE A loose or improperly mounted expansion valve bulb causes the expansion valve to flood. Check bulb mounting, insulation, etc, before changing the valve. Verify refrigerant amount is correct by weighing recovered refrigerant before replacing a TXV. COLUMN 4 - COMPRESSOR Replace the compressor.


Compatibility: Requires iOS 8/0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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The first important update is the so-called 20. 8. 2021 patch update of MCreator 1/7.5. MCreator 1/7.5 had some problematic bugs that had to be fixed. The recommended version of Minecraft Forge has also changed, so we have decided to release patch update of MCreator 1/7.5. As this update was not big enough to be worth to force all users to update, we have decided to make it a patch update, so all the users that want to have these bugs fixed, they need to redownload and reinstall MCreator 1/7.5.


Page 104 Installation/Visual Inspection Checklist Inadequate Clearances • Check all clearances on sides, back and top. Ice machine is not level • Level the ice machine Condenser is dirty • Clean the condenser Water filtration is plugged (if used) • Install a new water filter Water drains are not run separately and/or are not vented •.

Set-Up Menu From the Main menu, use the Down arrow to navigate to Set-Up and press the Checkmark. Select and customize machine settings on this menu. Press the Left arrow to return to previous screens. LANGUAGE 1. From the Set-Up menu, use the Down arrow to highlight Language.


Page 86 Protection Compressor blink 6 times logic Intermittently (Current Trip)check B5 Check B Works Replace IPM Check Driver PCB Compressor Replace Damage Compressor Check Reset Repeat Current trip Power Check Procedure occur? Replace Compressor Cycle blockage? Compressor Doesn’t works Sealed system Cycle check Repair.

Changelog of the quiz plugin

Sometimes there are questions where you need a particular response to absolutely mean a particular personality type. If someone picks this particular answer, you want them to get that result.


Figure 5 Figure 1 2. Lift Mullion up carefully. Mullion Replacement 1. Connect wire harness.

I0500A AIR-COOLED MODEL CYCLE TIMES Freeze Time + Harvest Time = Total Cycle Time Air Temp. Freeze Time Entering Harvest Water Temperature °C/°F Condenser Time °C/°F 10°C/50°F 21°C/70°F 32°C/90°F 13/4-15/3 14/5-16/5 15/7-17/9 21°C/70°F 14/5-16/5 15/5-17/7 16/6-19/0 27°C/80°F 1-2/5 15/7-17/9 16/9-19/3 18/9-21/5 32°C/90°F 17/2-19/6.


Xhorse VVDI2 V7.0.2 Software Download link

FlexiQuiz instantly marks and grades your tests. Powerful reports then allow you to perform in-depth analysis across all responses.

Make an OCEAN (or ‘Big 5’) personality test: We’ve already mentioned this in the post – but it’s worth repeating. The OCEAN model uses the Big 5 personality dimensions to provide results that apply to any quiz taker. Our team highly recommends this approach for your personality test.


One of the key differences between a quiz and a personality test has to do with the type of questions you’re asking. A quiz has right or wrong questions. So you have to answer each correctly to get points.

Page 118 Final Analysis The column with the highest number of Checkmarks identifies the refrigeration problem. COLUMN 1 - HARVEST VALVE LEAKING Replace the valve as required. COLUMN 2 - LOW CHARGE/TXV STARVING Normally, a starving expansion valve only affects the freeze cycle, not the harvest cycle. A low refrigerant charge normally affects both cycles.


It combines all types of questions this WordPress quiz plugin offers

Choosing the overall title and concept for your easy to make personality quiz is the first (and most important) step. Everything else flows from here.

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Page 51 Water mode doesn't work Replace Check the loose connection Water Valve Check the resistance value. Is Water Valve resistance 360~420?


You notice on question seven, I’ve selected an animated GIF. They’re super fun – but don’t overuse GIFs because they can get a little distracting. However, around question seven or eight of a ten question quiz, adding a GIF is a nice way to add a little bit of energy, a little bit of motion and keep people engaged.

Powerful online test and quiz maker

Supercell (the makers of Clash of Clans) have just announced that they are releasing a 'Beta' version of Clash of Clans for Android! This version will only be for private testing for now, however they have indicated that a full release to limited countries (initially) and then a Global release is very soon to follow!

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Step 8 While components are soaking, use 1/2 of the cleaner/water solution to clean all food zone surfaces of the ice machine and bin (or dispenser). Use a nylon brush or cloth to thoroughly clean the following ice machine areas: •.


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Page 95 13-3-2 Icemaker not making ice or not making enough ice (Icemaker Unit & Ice-detecting sensor Diagnosis) Icemaker Unit and Ice-detecting sensor Diagnosis The icemaker unit and Ice-detecting sensor is programmed to be diagnosed. Follow the procedure step by step to check to see if icemaker and Ice-detecting sensor is working normally. Icemaker Unit Ice-detecting sensor Fill Key.

ICE THICKNESS CHECK After a harvest cycle, inspect the ice cubes in the ice storage bin. The ice thickness probe is factory-set to maintain the ice bridge thickness at 3 mm (1/8"). NOTE: Make sure the water curtain is in place when performing this check.


OK, one other tip about using Riddle personality quiz maker is you can also go into our customized step and we give you a number of cool little options. The one I love to point out is our extended personality results overview.

WordPress Quiz maker plugin

Password Entry A password is not required, although a password can be turned on to prevent unauthorized control setting modification. You can use the Factory Default Password of "1234" or enter a four digit custom pin number of your choosing. To turn on the password feature use the following procedure.


Cleaning / Sanitizing Procedure! Caution Use only Manitowoc approved Ice Machine Cleaner Sanitizer this application (Manitowoc Cleaner part number 94-0546-3 and Manitowoc Sanitizer part number 94-0565-3). It is a violation of Federal law to use these solutions in a manner inconsistent with their labeling. Read and understand all labels printed on bottles before use.

Caution The ice machine head section must be protected if it will be subjected to temperatures below 0°C (32°F). Failure caused by exposure to freezing temperatures is not covered by the warranty. See “Removal from Service/Winterization” page 36. Warning An ice machine contains high voltage electricity and refrigerant charge.


No bones about it, you’re a popular, fun-loving Golden Retriever. Adored by all and too cool for school, you’re extroverted and enthusiastic. Your magnetic personality makes you the life of any bash.

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But besides being on the social A-list, you’re a confident, well-rounded pup who’s definitely something to bark about. Reasonably accomplished at anything you set your mind to, your sunny nature and winning ways make you one of everyone’s favourite dogs.


Troubleshooting Safety Limits In addition to standard safety controls, the control board has built in safety limit controls which protect the ice machine from major component failures. Safety limits are stored and indicated by the control board after three cycles. The number of cycles required to stop the ice machine varies for each safety limit.

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An extremely dirty ice machine must be taken apart for cleaning and sanitizing. Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaner and Sanitizer are the only products approved for use in Manitowoc ice machines.


Service Menu From the Main menu, use the Down arrow to navigate to Service and press the Checkmark. This menu is intended for the use of trained service personnel. Below is an overview of the service menu. The following pages list the navigation options available by drilling into the menus with the down arrow.

With MCreator 1/7.4 update, we have upgraded Minecraft Forge to the recommended version 2185 for Minecraft 1/10/2 so all your mods will be 100% compatible with the right Forge version. This update also includes the render bug fix. Users have to update their old MCreator for Minecraft 1/10/2 as this update includes some mandatory fixes and improvements that will make sure that MCreator will also work with our new website when it will be released.


Safety Notices As you work on Manitowoc equipment, be sure to pay close attention to the safety notices in this handbook. Disregarding the notices may lead to serious injury and/or damage to the equipment. Throughout this handbook, you will see the following types of safety notices: Warning Text in a Warning box alerts you to a potential.

Page 111 Analyzing Suction Temperature The suction temperature gradually drops throughout the freeze cycle. The actual suction temperature (and drop rate) changes as the air and water temperature entering the ice machine changes. These variables also determine the freeze cycle times. To analyze and identify the proper suction temperature drop throughout the freeze cycle, compare the published suction temperature to the published freeze cycle time.


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EVENT LOG MENU From the Service menu, use the Down arrow to navigate to Event Log and press the Checkmark. Ensure View ELog is highlighted and press the Checkmark to see the first event code, when it occurred and how many times. Use the Down arrow to view information on subsequent event codes.

Step 15 Wait until the water trough refills and the display indicates add solution (approximately 1 minute). Add the proper amount of Manitowoc Ice Machine Sanitizer to the water trough by pouring between the water curtain and evaporator.


This WordPress questionnaire plugin is fully translatable. You can make use of the Loco Translate WordPress plugin which is trusted by hundreds of our clients. Furthermore, you can take a look at the following useful article for further information.

Page 49 Crush mode doesn't work Replace Geared Motor Check the resistance value. Is Geared Motor resistance 87 ~ 107?


Page 55 Freezer room lamp doesn’t work Change the Change the Check the Refrigerator door switch. Door S/W LED Lamp Check the LED Lamp voltage Does it feel sticky?

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Page 73 11-3 Door Heater Assembly Function The heater is designed to prevent the door from sweating. How to Measure Check the Brown to Blue at CON2 on the sub PCB Sub PCB Standard Test Point Result (1) to (2) 2/3 ~ 2/9.


Free QuizMaker by iSpring is an ideal solution for creating quizzes and surveys. It is a free, full-featured and easy-to-use tool that makes it easy to create amazing quizzes and upload.

Page 107 2. Extremely Thin at Evaporator Outlet There is no ice, or a considerable lack of ice formation, at the outlet of the evaporator. Examples: No ice at all on the outlet half of the evaporator, but ice forms on the inlet half of the evaporator.


Page 114 Comparing Evaporator Inlet and Outlet Temperatures The temperatures of the suction line entering and leaving the evaporator alone cannot diagnose an ice machine. However, comparing these temperatures during the freeze cycle, along with using Manitowoc’s Freeze Cycle Refrigeration System Operational Analysis Table, can help diagnose an ice machine malfunction.

LIQUID LINE FILTER-DRIERS The filter-driers used on Manitowoc ice machines are manufactured to Manitowoc specifications. The difference between a Manitowoc drier and an off- the-shelf drier is in filtration. A Manitowoc drier has dirt-retaining filtration, with filters on both the inlet and outlet ends.


Page 75 11-5 DOOR SWITCH, Refrigerator Function The switch senses if the door is open or closed - When the door open, lamp on - When the door open, the switch give information to Micom. When the door open, internal contact operate on and off moving plunger of door switch up and down.

The unit is made in the USA and backed with a full one-year warranty of guaranteed quality direct from the maker. It has been subjected to a series of exacting tests by experts in the pet care industry. For all of the above-listed reasons and more, we can highly recommend the new Power Pet Electronic Pet Door to our interested readers looking for an easy way into the home for their dogs.


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Diagrams Wiring Diagrams The following pages contain electrical wiring diagrams. Be sure you are referring to the correct diagram for the ice machine you are servicing. Warning Always disconnect power before working on electrical circuitry. WIRING DIAGRAM LEGEND The following symbols are used on all of the wiring diagrams: Internal Compressor Overload (Some models have external.

You’ll go down each and every question and assign points back to these different results. And the reason three to five is kind of our sweet spot is convenience balanced with accuracy.


Operational Checks GENERAL Manitowoc ice machines are factory-operated and adjusted before shipment. Normally, new installations do not require any adjustment. To ensure proper operation, always follow the Operational Checks: • when starting the ice machine for the first time •.

Last but not least, I will speak some words about the rumored website update, also known as "Big website update". We are working on this update in the few past months. The update will add some important changes, that will make the experiance of the use of the MCreator's website as good as never before. Many really good changes will be made, so stay tuned as we will disclose some of the changes that are planned in the upcoming articles.


Page 138 Manual Setup - Applicable when the control board is non-operational or data from the faulty board is suspect. Install replacement control board and reapply power. Dependant on firmware version the screen will either display “Manual Setup” directly or you will need to navigate to the screen.

EVENT LOG Refer to the following table for Event Code descriptions. Code Description Long Freeze Cycle Long Harvest Cycle Input Power Loss High Condenser Temperature High Pressure Control Opened Spare Starving TXV or Low On Charge TXV Fault #1 Evaporator Flooding #2 Evaporator Flooding Refrigeration Fault Curtain Switch Fault - Open more than 12 hours.


Page 5 Warning Do not use electrical appliances or accessories other than those supplied by Manitowoc for your ice machine model. Warning Two or more people or a lifting device are required to lift this appliance. Warning This equipment contains high voltage electricity and refrigerant charge.

Page 144 Freeze Cycle Operation During the Freeze cycle, the water inlet valve energizes and de-energizes in conjunction with the water level probe located in the water trough. During the first 45 seconds of the Freeze cycle: • The water inlet valve is ON when there is no water in contact with the water level probes.


Page 94 Is magnet on the Replace the water water curtain/damper curtain/damper. Press power button to start ice making, does safety limit light flash? Refer to bin switch diagnostics.

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All you need to click on the Upgrade button instead of the Deactivate one while deactivating the plugin. It will save all the data (quizzes, questions, results, etc ) of the quiz plugin. Look into the following update guide for detailed information.


CON7 Change the CON7 Fan motor Check the Fan motor. Resistance [Ω] pin ~ 16 Rotate fan using hand. It feel sticky -22ºF /-30ºC -13ºF /-25ºC.

Our partners are constantly creating awesome personality tests. And sometimes the fastest way to create a quiz is to be inspired by the works of others.


Event Log Detail Detail Event Log Service Definition E-Log Display Text Error Description Definition Long Freeze 6 consecutive 60 Minute Freeze cycles = shut down and flash the SL#1 light on board Long Freeze Long Harvest Long Harvest 3 consecutive - 3/5 Minute Harvests logs SL#2 in memory, but runs until 500 long harvest cycles occur. When power is interrupted to the ice machine the control board will log the event in the ELOG and Power Supply (Event Log only - Power Loss.

This is super powerful, really effective and highly viral. However, a personality quiz is a little tricky to set up and to do it well. So let me show you some of our tips and tricks to creating a good personality quiz.


Check out the following User Manual to find out all the possibilities the plugin gives. There you will find descriptions about options, instructions on how to use them, detailed video tutorials, installation of the plugin, and so on. In case of any question or support request, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team specialist via the following FREE support forum.

When the student finishes, you can choose to display their score, their responses, the explanations, and/or the correct answers. Or, you can hide all that information, and email the explanations/answers/feedback after everyone has finished.


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ICE DEFLECTOR INSTALLATION ON A BIN An ice deflector is required for all bin installations and is included with all Manitowoc bins. Order the appropriate deflector kit for any bin without a deflector. Align sides and back of ice machine with sides and back of bin, when placing ice machine on bin.

Now, this is weird, but we’ve been doing this a long time – we’ve found that people love to see not just what they their main result is, but how they did on all the other possible results. I’m going to turn this extended overview on and I’m going to show three results because, again, there were three personality types.


Page 93 13. ICEMAKER OPERATING METHOD AND TROUBLE SHOOTING 13-1 Icemaker’s Basic Operating Method Power On Power On Start Position • Adjusts Ice Tray to Start Position with power on. • Adjusts Ice Tray to Start Position with power on. • Waits until water becomes ice. Icemaking For cold air circulation, Ice tray will be Mode.

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Page 165 Relay The relay has a set of contacts that connect and disconnect the start capacitor from the compressor start winding. The contacts on the relay are normally closed (start capacitor in series with the start winding). The relay senses the voltage generated by the start winding and opens the contacts as the compressor motor starts.

There are many reasons why we’d need a program that enables us to record what we are seeing on the screen of our computer, so it’s always good to have at hand a program that takes care of it. I test Camtasia 2021 to check how well it performs as a screen recorder and video tutorial maker. Read the Camtasia full review results for more.


I0320A AIR-COOLED MODEL CYCLE TIMES Freeze Time + Harvest Time = Total Cycle Time Air Temp. Freeze Time Entering Harvest Water Temperature °C/°F Condenser Time °C/°F 10°C/50°F 21°C/70°F 32°C/90°F 21°C/70°F 27°C/80°F DATA 1-2/5 32°C/90°F 38°C/100°F 1 Times in minutes 24 HOUR ICE PRODUCTION Water Temperature °C/°F Air Temp.

Page 6 Warning Do not operate equipment that has been misused, abused, neglected, damaged, or altered/modified from that of original manufactured specifications. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they.

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All in all, MAGIX Music Maker Premium comprises a set of features that music aficionados can use to unleash their creativity and enjoy the full (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6466) studio experience at home. All tasks are completed in a timely manner, the computer’s performance is not going to be affected at all and our tests did not reveal any errors or crashes.


Page 21 6. TROUBLESHOOTING 6-1 Error Code Summary WARNING: When checking Resistance values, make sure to turn off the power, and wait for the voltage to discharge. NOTE) Within 3 hours after the error: Press the Ice Plus button and Freezer button simultaneously 3 hours after the error: All errors, except for "E rt", "E SS", "E IS(except for Icing sensor)", "E gF", "E It".


RESET PASSWORD TO FACTORY DEFAULTS The password can be reset to the factory defaults when required. The default factory password is 1234.


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WATER LEVEL CONTROL CIRCUITRY FUNCTION The water level probe controls the water level by sensing whether water is or is not contacting the water level probe. The water level probe has three sensing probes. Two probes are equal in length and are used to measures conductivity for diagnostics, ice clarity and water miser options.