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  • Roku users can activate a special debug menu that lets you set limits on what bit rate your content streams at
  • An integrated preview shows your menu as you design it, and lets you test the links in a browser window
  • It is a flash template based system and it supports meta tag for optimising search engine submissions
  • Open the Google Assistant app, hit Explore, select the Settings menu and scroll down to Home Control
  • To activate the menu press Home five times, Rewind three times, and then Fast Forward two times
  • On the bottom menu bar of the app, you’ll notice a button that says Photos
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Do you live with the horror of a data cap? Streaming hours of HD video can take a big bite out of your data limits, so if you’re streaming on a budget try this handy hack to lower your data usage. Roku users can activate a special debug menu (site here) that lets you set limits on what bit rate your content streams at. To activate the menu press Home five times, Rewind three times, and then Fast Forward two times. This brings up the Roku override menu. From here you can set limits to match your households needs or budget.


Page 14 LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP123 User's Manual computer that controls engine and drive train. Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) - Malfunction Indicator Light (Service Engine Soon, Check Engine) is a term used for the light on the instrument panel. It is to alert the driver and/or the repair technician that there is a problem with one or more of vehicle’s systems and may cause emissions to exceed federal.

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  • Under the Settings menu navigate to the Network option, then select Set Up Connection
  • This brings up an options menu which includes a “Move Channel” selection
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Roku made its name by providing an easy way to stream the biggest networks in the digital world, but it’s options don’t stop there. Roku allows users to make their own private channels to stream content, leading to an incredible underground of bizarre and entertaining niche networks. Find obscure horror, out-of-print movies, and even lost children’s TV shows. You don’t even have to dig, because we’ve already made a handy list of the best Roku private channels for you to get started.

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  • Check the secret Wi-Fi menu to help optimize your reception
  • However, the Flash templates are not accurately displayed at times
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  • This menu is very flexible and you can apply different color for the text of this menu
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The program supports vertical and horizontal designs and includes dynamic effects like animations, sounds, gradient and transparency. An integrated preview shows your menu as you design it, and lets you test the links in a browser window.

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LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP123 User's Manual 2/2 Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) OBD II Diagnostic Trouble Codes are codes that are stored by the on-board computer diagnostic system in response to a problem found in the vehicle. These codes identify a particular problem area and are intended to provide you with a guide as to where a fault might be occurring within a vehicle.


LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP123 User's Manual and monitoring fuel demands. Non-Continuous Monitors - Unlike the continuous monitors, many emissions and engine system components require the vehicle to be operated under specific conditions before the monitor is ready.

LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP123 User's Manual interface as shown in Figure 5-12: Figure 5-12 According to the above figure, press [ ] to clear the DTC. If successful, figure 5-13 will appear on the screen. Figure 5-13 Notes: • Before performing this function, make sure to retrieve and record the trouble codes.

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LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP123 User's Manual Move cursor up or down for selection. Move cursor left or right for selection; Or turn page up or down when more than one page is displayed. Confirms a selection (or action) from a menu (blog) list.


LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP123 User's Manual Choose [Unit of Measure] and press [ ] to confirm, the screen will enter the unit setting interface. Use the [ ] button to choose the desired one and press [ ] to save your change.

Featuring the 3/5” TFT color display, it enables users to read/clear DTCs, record, save and playback data in live graphic display. The CRP123 is also very easy to use. With built-in help menus and code definitions, diagnosing and repairing that dreaded Check Engine Light is now easier than ever! Moreover, CRP123 also features the following bi-directional “special tests”.


There’s nothing worse than having your eardrums blown out by a brutally loud commercial. But Roku knows your pain and introduced Sound Leveling to its model devices. To turn on Sound Leveling press the * button during playback. Select the Advanced Sound Settings option. Here you’ll find three options: Off, Leveling, and Night. Off returns your sound to normal and Leveling enables a consistent volume across your viewing experience. Night Mode is a handy feature for night owl movie fans, analyzing the sounds in a program and making soft sounds like whispers louder while softening louder sounds like explosions. If you don’t like watching movies on headphones, but need to be respectful of others in the house, Night is for you.

The 2021 RED FLAG Patches are here! The 62nd Fighter Squadron "Spikes" made this one to commemorate "Red Flag 21-2". The Spikes currently fly the F-35 which makes this an.


Note: The application is officially discontinued so it will not receive any further updates. It also cannot be purchased anymore. However, you can still download the last released version from Softpedia and use it with the limitations listed on this page, or unlock the full version if you happen to have a code.

Creader Professional CRP123 User's Manual 3. Product Descriptions 3/1 Outline of CRP123 Figure 3-1 Name Descriptions Power indicator It will light up while CRP123 is energized. Communication It will flash when CRP123 is communicating indicator with ECU.


LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP123 User's Manual Figure 5-24 Press [ ]/[ ] button to turn to next or previous page. Press [ ] button to select the desired items, then press [ ] button, the screen will display as shown below.

This hack is just for Roku Ultra and Roku TV owners, thanks to these device’s handy USB ports. Users with an Ultra or Roku TV can plug their external hard drives directly into the devices to stream their personal digital libraries on the Roku Media Player. These devices can handle a remarkable number of files, including 4K MKV files. For users with large digital libraries, this feature makes it worth looking into Roku’s high storage models.


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LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP123 User's Manual 8/3 Fill in Product Information Figure 8-5 Choose the desired product type from the pull-down list. The serial No. and register password can be found from the [Tool Information] in “Help” (See Chapter 7. Help). Dealer code can be obtained from dealer.

LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP123 User's Manual a fault has been performed) to confirm that the repair has been performed correctly, and/or to check for Monitor Run Status. Select [I/M Readiness] and press [ ], the screen will display the interface as.


We have tested 123 Flash Menu 2/7 for spyware and adware modules. The software is absolutely safe to install.

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NOTE: The hardware reset will only work if the AC adapter is in use. A Power Over Ethernet (PoE) connection can not be used to perform this type of reset.


After your device enter into Download mode, the button Edit Phone Information will be available. Push that button and wait for a error (something like failed to reboot to FTM mode) being appeared. Don't be so tragical about it. Press OK and see the button Next should be activated.

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HTML and CSS code editor designed to make you more productive. Create modern HTML/CSS-based websites faster and easier. Coding is a breeze thanks to intelligent features such as auto complete, inspector, CSS checker and built-in preview.

Top-of-the-line Roku devices come with a remote that includes a headphone jack for private listening. However, this feature is available to everyone with the Roku app. Simply turn on the app, connect it to your Roku, plug in your headphones, and hit the “headphones” icon on the remote screen. This will transfer the audio from your TV to your headphones. There’s just one downside: Even if you have a Roku TV, this feature doesn’t work on game consoles or any other HDMI connected device.


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This dongle is specially for MTK phones which includes a variety of functions such as read pattern, flash etc. For more info give it a try or visit official site for more details.

Want to see Venom or know when the new Game of Thrones is available to stream? Roku will monitor the titles and add them to the My Feed panel when they’re available. On the Roku menu, you’ll notice a section called My Feed, a place for you to keep track of content you’d like to watch.


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LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP123 User's Manual external devices to control vehicle system. If the car supports this function, it will display as below: Figure 5-26 5/1.9 Vehicle Info Select [Vehicle Info] and press [ ], the screen will display the information, such.

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Our first RED FLAG Patch of 2021! We're excited Red Flag is back and crews are making patches again. Snagging this one from Squadron Flight Shop, we are now allowed.