The following steps are on installing Android 11 on your PC using the Android Studio emulator. Make sure to perform each action carefully. We will create Google Pixel 3 virtual device on your computer and install Android R / Android 11 on it.

  • CTL NL7TW-360 review: A decent Chromebook for clumsy students
  • Google’s own Pixelbook was the first Chromebook to run Linux apps
  • In this post, we will guide you on how to Download Patch G988USQS1CTL1 for Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • But if you want to try it out, go ahead and install the Android 11 update on your Chromebook right away
  • So not only do you get a great Chromebook, to a certain degree, you also get a good Android tablet
  • Give your Galaxy Grand Prime a new lease of life with Android 11 Go Edition by following the link below
  • Newer Chrome OS devices that will release in the future will reportedly run Android 11 out-of-the-box
  • Give your HTC One M9 a new lease of life with Android 11 by following the link below

Unofficially unlocking the Bootloader of Huawei and Honor Smartphones

All you've gotta do is pick the one you want, and just like magic, the text from the physical document will be on that computer's clipboard — ready and waiting to be pasted wherever you want it. Hit Ctrl-V (or Cmd-V, on a Mac), and shazam! It'll pop into any text field, in any app or process where pasting is supported.


With an unlocked bootloader, you can install boot images that aren’t signed by the device maker

There is full connectivity between all of the CUCM nodes in the cluster. This is very important because the CTL file is copied to all of the nodes in the cluster via SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

If you have a Redmi Note 9 and want to try out Android 11 on your phone, then go right ahead and check out the unofficial build of Pixel Experience 11 linked below. The ROM, which is also compatible with the Redmi 10X 4G, seems to be stable enough, with all basic hardware features working.


Look up your phone's model number. If you still can't determine whether or not your phone is CDMA or GSM, try looking up the phone's model number. You can find this in the phone's manual, or you can check your phone's About settings. An online search will display the type of network associated with the phone model.

CEC is a protocol that allows HDMI-connected devices to control each other in various ways. It has a set of standard features that make it easy for home users with a stack of DVD players or TiVos or other devices to change the active source, put everything on standby, control the volume, and some other handy tricks.


Android settings that'll strengthen your security

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a SIM card slot that was used with a Verizon plan. So what network does this run on?

Android Studio select hardware

The “Compact” variant of the Xperia X has also received a taste of Android 11 through the Explosive Lobster custom ROM. If you would like to try it out, head on over to the forum thread below.


So Hurry up and download Patch G988USQS1CTL1 for Galaxy S20 Ultra in December 2021. For the installation process, you can follow the below link.

At its current price of $329/99, the laptop is really only a good deal if you absolutely need a tougher Chromebook. If durability and stylus support aren't top priorities, the Asus Chromebook Flip C101PA is much cheaper (currently $165 at Best Buy), and it has a better ARM-based processor with a slimmer design.


Android 11 on the OnePlus Nord N10 5G is available in the form of Pixel Experience 11. There are a few bugs that you would need to deal with, though. For instance, the NFC module is buggy, and double tap to wake isn’t working.

Take into account your location. Unless you're using a phone purchased in either the United States or Russia, your phone most likely uses GSM.


That being said, both the C101PA and C302 are nearly two years old and long-overdue for a replacement. Asus released a new Chromebook last month, but it wasn't a new premium laptop or an entry-level 2-in-1.

The Intel Celeron N3450 processor has four CPU cores/threads, with a base frequency of 1/10GHz and a boost clock of 2/20GHz. It's definitely not a powerhouse, but it can handle a few Chrome tabs and Android apps. I've noticed the Chromebook slows down when loading a large Google Docs file or a complex web app, but that's about it.


Your Android phone has a little-known superpower — a futuristic system for bridging the physical world around you and the digital universe on your device. It's one of Google's best kept secrets. And it can save you tons of time and effort.

Airsuite-ng – Software suite w/ detector, packet sniffer, WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK Cracker and analysis tool

Straight Talk uses GSM and CDMA. Straight talk uses all four major carriers in the USA to provide their Services. Verizon and Sprint use CDMA, while AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM. It's up to the users to decide which carrier towers they want to use.


Received the official Android 10 update

Similarly, Android 11 on the OnePlus 6T is available in the form of POSP. There are a few bugs that you would need to deal with, though. For instance, the alert slider is not working yet and the stock camera app occasionally crashes while shooting with the front camera — just like the non-T variant.

Of course, Acer’s not the only brand to be seeing Android 11. There are also some more obscure brands such as AOpen, which has a Chromebase and Chromebox set to see the update. CTL will see two of the latter devices updated as well as a tablet. There are top tablets, Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, Chromebases, and other Chrome OS gadgets from other major brands too.


The only standout feature of the screen is stylus support. If you've never used a Chromebook with a stylus, there are a few features accessible from the pen icon in the taskbar. You can capture part of the screen for a screenshot, create a note in Google Keep, use the stylus as a laser pointer (for when an external monitor/projector is mirroring the screen), or bring up a magnifying glass.

HC05 Bluetooth module interfacing with TM4C123 Tiva launchpad

Let's face it: Most of us aren't working only from our Android phones. If you need to get some real-world text onto your computer, Lens can handle that, too.


A unified build of LineageOS 18/0 is now available for the Mi Pad 4 and the Mi Pad 4 Plus. Give your tablet a new lease of life with Android 11 by following the link below.

To communicate between Android mobile and HC-05 Bluetooth modules which will be interfaced with TM4C123 Tiva Launchpad, we will need an Android application. There are many Bluetooth terminal Android applications available in google play store. For this tutorial, we will use a “Serial Bluetooth Terminal” Android application.


The Xperia X Performance can now run Android 11, thanks to an unofficial build of LineageOS 18/1 custom ROM. Keep in mind that you need to flash the latest stock firmware and boot into it before flashing this ROM.

HC-05 Bluetooth Interfacing with TM4C123G Tiva C Launchpad – Keil uvision

Developers Electimon, erfanoabdi, and Lucchetto00 have teamed up to release an unofficial build of RevengeOS based on Android 11 for the Moto G7 Power. The ROM appears to be stable, with the bug list only mentioning that NFC may not be working.


Fir the price point, I’m happy with it and will probably get another Chromebook when it’s time

The touchpad is also fairly standard, and tracking is good. I wish it could have been a little larger, but it's still usable.

Note: XDA-Developers does not endorse the use of third-party services to unlock the bootloader of your device. We do not earn any profits from any of the services listed below.


The team behind the RevengeOS custom ROM recently released its first Android 11-based build for the Lenovo Z6 Pro. We could not locate a bug list for the ROM, but that doesn’t make it ready to be a daily driver material. It is always better to backup all important data before you venture into the world of bleeding-edge development.

In my opinion, Asus makes the best Chromebooks on the market, second only to Google. Last year's Chromebook Flip C302 is still one of the best Chrome OS laptops you can buy, especially considering its competitive price point. The company's lower-end C101PA is also a fantastic 10-inch convertible. I think you can easily make the argument that without Asus, Chromebooks wouldn't have the mainstream appeal they enjoy today.


An official build of the ArrowOS custom ROM based on Android 11 is now available for the Lenovo ZUK Z2/Z2 Plus. The ROM is pretty much barebones at the current stage, so device-specific features like UTouch customization aren’t accessible yet.

If you have a OnePlus 5 or a OnePlus 5T and want to try out Android 11 on your phone, then go right ahead and check out the custom ROM linked below. Dubbed as “Yet another AOSP project” (YAAP), it is barely more than a simple AOSP build. Many hardware-specific features are also lacking, but that is alright as we are still in the early days and these features will be fixed on the source side over time.


If restarting AS does not resolve the issue you could try Invalidate Caches/Restart option. That sometimes fixes such issues.

An unofficial LineageOS 18/1 build is now available for the Exynos Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+. You need to flash the latest stable One UI 2/0 (or later) firmware for your model before flashing this ROM.


By default, Sprint, US Cellular, and Verizon use CDMA for their phones, while AT&T, Virgin Mobile, and T-Mobile use GSM. If you bought the phone from a carrier, simply knowing the carrier's name will be enough to tell you what the network type is.

I have a Galaxy S3 that I bought from Verizon. According to what I read is is CDMA; it also has what I think is a SIM card - that means it's GSM.


Do you care about running the latest Android version on your Chrome OS device? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

Android Smart Lock Trusted Places

The next step is to give a name to your ADV (Android Virtual Device). Additionally, you can set the orientation to portrait or landscape as per your choice. The emulator is highly optimized; you don’t need to configure any other settings. Just click on the “Finish” button.


Now, go back to the “About Chrome OS” page and ‘Check for updates’. Your Chromebook will start downloading the latest Chrome OS beta build. After the update is installed, restart your Chromebook. Bear in mind, moving to the Beta channel will not delete your Chromebook data. However, if you move back to the stable channel, your Chromebook will be completely erased.

For those of you who are unaware, the bootloader is the code that’s responsible for initiating the operating system and its kernel on the device. Normally, the bootloader will only load boot images that are signed by the device maker. With an unlocked bootloader, you can install boot images that aren’t signed by the device maker. That includes custom images needed to boot an AOSP-based ROM, boot images patched to support Magisk root, and more.


To do that, just open up the Google Lens app, tap the document icon, and aim your phone at the document. Within about a second, you'll see Lens highlight the text.

CEC is a protocol that allows HDMI-connected devices to control each other in various ways

After over two years, Google has finally released an Android (learn this here now) update for Chromebooks. Moving directly from Android 9 to Android (look at this site) 11, Google has implemented a different approach to run Android apps on Chrome OS this time around. Unlike ARC++, which had a native container, the Android 11 update brings a VM approach called ARCVM, similar to Linux on Chrome OS. The ARCVM will be independent and will have its own Linux kernel. While that sounds exciting on paper, we will have to wait and see how much of a performance difference it brings. But if you want to try it out, go ahead and install the Android 11 update on your Chromebook right away.


If you’re looking for an AOSP 11-based ROM instead of the Realme UI on your Realme XT, you can opt for the unofficial RevengeOS 4/0 ROM. The ROM appears to be stable, with the bug list only mentioning that SELinux is permissive.

There's no pressure sensitivity, but you can flip the pen around and use the eraser to remove drawings. As previously mentioned, there is no place to hold the stylus. If you lose one, CTL doesn't sell replacements on its website, but any Wacom EMR pen should work the same.


UART Communication TM4C123 Tiva C Launchpad 

Android 11 on the Mi 5s is available in the form of LineageOS 18/0. There are a few bugs that you would need to deal with, though. For instance, the fingerprint sensor is buggy, and SELinux is set as permissive.

OnePlus has yet to publish a stable Android (our website) 11 build for the newly released OnePlus Nord, but a pure Android (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=3943) 11-based AOSP ROM for this phone is already available on our forums. The ROM is nearly fully functional, with all basic hardware features working.


I only have two real complaints with the laptop's design. First, there is a small gap between the display's glass panel and the back casing, where dust can become trapped. I can understand why CTL didn't go for a unibody design, since repairability is important for schools, but it's still annoying. Second, there is nowhere to keep the stylus when you're not using it. I misplaced the stylus a few times during this review, so I can only imagine how many students will do the same.

Microcontrollers Lab HC-05 Bluetooth Interfacing with TM4C123G Tiva C Launchpad – Keil uvision Comments Feed

TM4C123 Tiva Launchpad has an RGB LED connected with PF1, PF2, and PF3 pins. We will send ON/OFF commands from an Android application.


The operating voltage range is 3/3 volts. But I/O pins can withstand voltage of up to 5 volts. Therefore, we can connect 5 volts power source to this pin, and also other pins can also operate on 5 volts signals such as Tx and Rx signals.

You can download and install this manually if you are using Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with model SM-G988U. The download is available in USA, and more. In this post, we will guide you on how to Download Patch G988USQS1CTL1 for Galaxy S20 Ultra.


Your camera: On Pixel phones and a handful of other devices, you can find Lens right within your regular camera app. Just open the camera and then press and hold your finger on any spot in the viewfinder to launch a Lens search for the item in view. The results will pop up right then and there, without the need for any app-switching or extra searching.

Bluetooth_Read() function reads a character from the Rx5 pin of TM4C123 and returns a received character. This method uses a polling based method. We keep polling UART5->FR bit4 to check its data is available on the Rx5 pin. If it is available, we read the data from UART5->DR register and save it inside the character type variable. At the end return statement, returns the received character.


Normally, I would advise against Chromebooks using Intel's Apollo Lake processors. They're based on the terrible Atom CPUs that were common in netbooks a decade ago, and you can usually find ARM-powered Chromebooks for the same price (with better power efficiency and improved Android app support). However, I'm not aware of any durable Chrome OS machines that use ARM chips, so you don't get much of a choice here.

The Redmi Note 8 and the Note 8T duo got a unified Android 11-based AOSP ROM. If you are ready to ignore the glitches in Wi-Fi Display and ADB over USB, the ROM appears to be in good shape for something that is being based on a new OS version that was launched just last week.


Run Android 11 on emulator

London-based startup F(x)tec launched the Pro1 back in September last year. The phone also served as the base for our own XDA phone: the Pro1-X. And now, the device has received an unofficial LineageOS 18/0 build based on Android 11.

Utils ctl update CTLFile

Android 11 on the Galaxy Note 3 is available in the form of an unofficial LineageOS 18/1 ROM. You can find separate builds for the “hlte” (SM-N9005, SM-N900P), “hltechn” (SM-N9008V), “hltekor” (SM-N900K, SM-N900L, SM-N900S), and “hltetmo” (SM-N900R4, SM-N900T, SM-N900V, SM-N900W8) variants in the ROM thread linked below.


As for battery life, the laptop lasts me around eight hours, depending on the screen brightness and what I'm doing. I never once found myself reaching for the charger.

Right now, the developer previews of Android 11 are available for Pixel devices only. But if you are a developer not having a Pixel phone, or even you don’t want to install them directly on your device, you can get them on your PC. We will be using the Android Studio tool and Google Pixel 3 virtual device in order to install Android 11 on your computer. The download links for the required tools are given below; make sure to read every line carefully.


Disclaimer: TrickyDroid is not responsible for any kind of damages to your device(s) while following this guide so please proceed at your own risk. However, we will never leave your side and we will be Happy to Help you with any problems within our reach.

As you guys know that Android 11 is released for most mobile phones. Android 11 official builds are available for the OnePlus 8 lineup, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, and several other smartphones from different OEMs. But here in this guide, we are covering 150+ smartphones in which you can install Android (click) 11 Custom ROM. Of course, not every phone has received the update yet and most of the users are still waiting for the Android 11 Update for their devices.


Usage of KITT-Lite and/or the tools installed with KITT-Lite for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It’s the end user’s responsibility to obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program.

CTL Chromebox CBx1 review: A good Chrome OS desktop at a great price

Well, grab a screenshot — by pressing your phone's power and volume-down buttons together — then make your way over to the Google Lens app. Tap the square-shaped photo icon in the app's upper-right corner, select the screenshot you just captured, and then select the text you want.


As is the case with Android app support, every device launched after 2021 will feature Linux app support unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise. Google’s own Pixelbook was the first Chromebook to run Linux apps. More devices joined in on the fun back in September 2021 when the Chrome OS 69 update was released, which brought stable Linux app support to quite a few Chromebooks. Chrome OS devices that launched before 2021 that feature Linux app support are listed below.

We typically use Samsung TVs which support CEC under the trade name “Anynet+”. To interface between computers and TVs, we use Pulse Eight’s USB-CEC adapters which, in conjunction with libCEC, give us a command line interface for arbitrary commands to the TV.


Background: Aside from the link to CTL’s previous devices, there may also be a link here to reports of an LTE-enabled ‘white label’ device spotted in the Chromium Gerrit not too long ago. That device didn’t have too many details available at the time but was noted as being a CTL-branded Chromebook in at least one variation. For clarity, a white label device is basically baseline hardware that goes unbranded before being sold by a third-party manufacturer. In this case, the device was codenamed ‘BlacktipLTE’. That could implicate further devices built by CTL or other OEMs arriving on other carriers in the future. In the meantime, LTE Chrome OS gadgets are still something of a rarity. The only other example from this year is a Samsung-built Chromebook Plus V2, which is only available on Verizon. That’s obviously a much more powerful device, in addition to featuring an iconic S-Pen stylus and touchscreen display at a higher resolution and with an all-metal frame. However, the purpose of Sprint’s CTL-branded Chromebook seems to lean toward business-specific and education-specific uses in a rugged design, while Samsung’s device is really more well-suited for media and entertainment.

RevengeOS 4.0 based on Android 11 for Second Generation Android One phones

The team behind the Pixel Extended custom ROM recently released the first Android 11-based build for the Redmi Note 6 Pro. If you would like to try it out, head on over to the forum thread below.


Here in this blog, you find the links to Androdi 11 Custom ROM of your devices. Which you can install easily with the TWRP custom Recovery. All the credit goes to the developers who are working hard to create Androdi 11 ROM for these devices.

An Android 11-based POSP build is now available for the OnePlus 6. This ROM is marked as an alpha build, so we would advise only experienced users try it out at this stage. The alert slider of the device can’t be used, and there may be occasional crashes with the front camera. There are some more bugs, so ensure that you intimate yourself of the same before proceeding.


Right now, the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL are eligible for this, though the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will obviously be added once they launch. We wouldn't be surprised to hear a mention of this new Repair Center in the announcement. This is US-only for now, and Google notes that the option "might not be available" for some (though it doesn't explain what criteria that's based on).

If you have the LTE model, no need to worry. There is another unofficial build of LineageOS 18/0 for this tablet (linked below), which is compatible with both variants.


Here you see that, after a bunch of other cruft is resolved, the adapter requests the power status of the TV (10:8f) and the TV reports that is is “on” (01:90:00). This seems to be the first action of any query. Now, since we received an expected response, it sends the menu language query (10:91). In response the TV sends 0f:32:65:6e:67.

Note: In this article, we will only be providing a link to the first Android 11 custom ROM that we come across for a particular device. This does not serve as an endorsement of that particular build, nor are we suggesting that the work of others should be ignored. We are limiting what we link to in order to prevent this article from becoming too lengthy. Please visit the XDA forums for your device to see if there are other, possibly more complete, builds available.

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  • Now, Google does bring Chrome OS updates from time to time, but Android updates are usually delayed
  • This guide is especially for the developers who want to test their apps on Android 11 API
  • Here is the full list of Chromebooks that can upgrade to Android 11 and Chrome OS
  • I've used Android for over 10 years — I'm switching to an iPhone 12 Mini
  • The smarter way to organize travel on Android
  • Give your tablet a new lease of life with Android 11 by following the link below

Maybe you've just been handed a long memo, a printed-out brief of some sort, or a letter from your dear Aunt Sally. Whatever it is, give your eyes a breather and let Lens read it for you.


These are the basics of cec-client. For more information on the app itself, you can consult the cec-client manpage or visit the libcec project on GitHub.

This document describes the difference between Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) security with and without the use of hardware USB eTokens. This document also describes the basic implementation scenarios that involve Tokenless Certificate Trust List (CTL) and the process that is used in order to ensure that the system functions properly after the changes.


Bootloader unlocking is still possible for Huawei and Honor devices, but it’ll cost you

Note: Cisco Jabber and many Cisco TelePresence or Cisco 7940/7960 Series IP phones do not currently support Security by Default. If you deploy Tokenless CTL with devices that do not support Security by Default, any update to your system that changes the CallManager certificate on the publisher will prevent normal functionality of those devices until the CTL is manually deleted. Devices that support Security by Default, such as 7945 and 7965 phones or newer, are able to install CTL files when the CallManager certificate on the publisher is updated because they can use the Trust Verification Service (TVS).

The first octet of the command will be the source and destination. The P8 CEC adapter uses device 1 by default, which is “Recording 1”, and a TV is always 0, so when querying the TV our first octet will be “10”.


Download Samsung Galaxy A6+ SM-A605G XID Indonesia A605GDXS8CTL1 firmware

The default transfer function is ``V4L2_XFER_FUNC_709``. The default Y'CbCr encoding is ``V4L2_YCBCR_ENC_BT2020``.

List of devices with Android 11 Custom ROMs

Google Lens's most potent power and the one I rely on most frequently is its ability to grab text from a physical document — a paper, a book, a whiteboard, or anything else with words on it — and then copy that text onto your phone's clipboard. From there, you can easily paste the text into a Google Doc, a note, an email, a Slack chat, or anywhere else imaginable.


Acer's Chromebook Spin 13 is arriving a bit later than it was initially expected, but based on what we've seen, it will be worth the wait. The 2-in-1, Wacom stylus-equipped Chromebook delivers category-topping performance, but tempers that speed with some unfortunate design shortcomings.

Android 11 on the LeEco Le Max 2 is available in the form of an unofficial LineageOS 18/1 ROM. You can find the unified build for the LEX820 (X2_CN), LEX821 (X2_WW), LEX822 (X2_CN), LEX829 (X2_NA) and LeEco Le Max Pro (max_plus) variants in the thread linked below.


That’s pretty much to install Android 11 on your computer using the Android Studio emulator

The ASUS ZenFone Max Plus M2 and ZenFone Max Shot have received a unified build of LineageOS 18/1. The unofficial ROM appears to be in good shape, with all basic hardware features working.

Ic_android-buyers-guide2x Android Buyers Guide

HTC didn’t update the original HTC One M7 beyond Android Lollipop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run the latest version of Android on this phone. An unofficial build of LineageOS 18/0 based on Android 11 is now available for the “m7ul” variant of the HTC One M7.


Android 11 on the Sony Xperia 10 is now available in the form of an unofficial LineageOS 18/0 ROM. Apart from Wi-Fi display, there is apparently no major bug in the current build.

PentestTools KITT-Lite – Python-Based Pentesting CLI Tool Comments Feed

If you bought an "unlocked" phone, that means the phone itself can be used on any carrier's network. In which case, knowing current carrier's network won't tell you if your phone uses GSM or CDMA.


The Chromebook has a camera at the top of the keyboard, in addition to the standard webcam. This is so students can take photos by flipping the laptop into tablet mode, causing the camera to point backwards. It's a neat idea, but the photo quality is exceptionally poor, so the camera isn't good for much.

Arguments are situational, and many commands will not require any arguments. We’ll talk about arguments soon.


CUCM Mixed Mode with Tokenless CTL

Note that there are a few codenames for motherboards and devices that don't appear to have a direct correlation to a released device. These might be development tools, upcoming devices (like "asurada", "dedede", and "trogdor"), or simply products that were designed but never made. New Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices being released in the future should all run Android 11 out of the gate.

These are the Chromebooks getting Android

Chrome OS has always been designed with low-power laptops in mind. There have been a few desktop machines over the years, like the ASUS Chromebit and LG Chromebase, but they're vastly outnumbered by Chromebooks. Seemingly out of nowhere, several companies announced new Chrome OS desktops at CES earlier this year - all of which are capable of running Android apps.


Google Lens - Google Photos

Android 11 is currently rolling out in the Beta channel of Chrome OS. So all you have to do is switch to the Beta channel, and you will receive the update. To do so, click on ‘Settings’ under the Quick Settings panel on the bottom right corner.

Just point your phone at the paper, exactly as we did before, and tap that document icon once more. Select whatever text you want — and this time, look for the little "Listen" option in the bottom-of-screen panel.


Full list of Chromebooks

We've all heard the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none," and there's a distinctly negative connotation to it. The more something tries to do, the worse it is at any one task. Unfortunately, it still holds true today. But some products, like this one, are starting to toe the line.

Back in May 2021, Google first announced that it would be releasing updates to Chrome OS that would allow Android apps on Chromebooks. While the Android app support rollout for Chrome OS devices was slow at first, there are now a healthy number of first and third-party devices that can run the hundreds of millions of apps available from the Google Play Store.


In this tutorial, we will learn to interface an HC-05 Bluetooth module with TM4C123 Tiva C Launchpad. This Bluetooth device operates on UART communication. In other words, it uses serial communication to transmit and receive data serially over standard Bluetooth radio frequency.

After the update is installed, restart your Chromebook

The third generation Moto G, AKA Moto G 2021 and its “Turbo” variant have received separate ports of MalluOS 2/0 custom ROM on top of Android 11. There are a few bugs that you would need to deal with, though. For instance, video recording is broken, and VoLTE is not working.


In some situations, Mixed mode is already configured on the CUCM with the use of the CTL Client, and the IP Phones use CTL files that contain the certificates from the hardware USB eTokens. With this scenario, the CTL file is signed by a certificate from one of the USB eTokens and is installed on the IP Phones.

CTL & Sprint Partner On LTE-Enabled Chromebook NL7

What if we want to change the power setting of the TV? In this case, libCEC has built-in commands to make it a little more intuitive.


Download Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G985F DBT Germany G985FXXS5CTL6 firmware

In this tutorial, we will use the UART5_Receiver() and UART5_Transmitter() functions which we developed in the last tutorial. The UART5_Receiver() routine is used to read data which will receive on PE4(Rx5) pin of TM4C123 and the UART5_Transmitter() routine is used to transmit data serially using PE5(Tx5) pin of Tiva Launchpad.

When you take your phone into a carrier's shop, you may be able to determine whether it supports both networks. Some phones, such as certain models of Verizon phones, support both CDMA and GSM networks via multiple SIM card slots.


Once you are updated to the latest Chrome OS build, open the Settings page and go to the ‘Apps’ section. Here, click on Manage Android preferences.

Open Lens, point your phone's camera at the card, and tap on the person's name. The Google Lens app should recognize the nature of the info and prompt you to add a contact.


Android 11 on the Galaxy S4 Mini is available in the form of an unofficial LineageOS 18/1 ROM. We could not locate a bug list for the ROM, but that doesn’t make it ready to be a daily driver material.

At this point, cec-client is idling. Use Ctrl-C to end the process gracefully.


If you have the “Compact” variant of the Xperia Z5, you can also try out an unofficial build of LineageOS 18/0 to experience Android 11 on your phone. There are a few bugs that you would need to deal with, though. For instance, the FM Radio isn’t working.

From Acer, for instance, there are no fewer than 41 entries. That includes heavy-hitters from our top ten best Chromebooks list, past and present, such as the Acer Chromebook Spin 513, Chromebook Spin 514, Chromebook Spin 712, and Chromebook Spin 713. But it also includes some lesser-known, budget-friendly, and Chromebox offerings. Such as Acer Chromebook 11 C670, Chromebox CXI4, or Chromebook 311.